Potenciano Lesaca

Potenciano Lesaca
Member of the Philippine National Assembly from Zambales' Lone District
In office
November 15, 1935  1938
Preceded by Felipe Estrella
Succeeded by Valentin Afable
Governor of Zambales
In office
Personal details

Botolan, January 1871 Parents: Luis Lesaca and Juana Garcia

Wife: Irene Gonzales of Iba, Zambales

Children: Eduardo, Potenciano Jr, Trinidad, Alicia, Luis, Cesar, Corazón, Estella, and Aida.

Potenciano Lesaca was a Filipino politician and businessman who became the first civil governor of Zambales, a province of the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region. He served from 1901–1903, and was the first governor of the American era. His brother, Juan Lesaca, was governor from 1910-1916.

From 1935-1938, he represented Zambales at the 1st National Assembly of the Philippines. This meeting of the legislature of the Commonwealth of the Philippines passed a total of 415 laws.


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