Postage stamps and postal history of Morocco

A 1979 stamp of Morocco.

The first Moroccan postal stamps were produced in 1891 by companies which managed correspondence between two cities. The system was replaced after a reorganization in the end of 1911. Morocco started producing two series of postal stamps which served the whole of Morocco until 1915 and Tangier until 1919.

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The French offices of the protectorate

Since 1891, the French post offices in Morocco emptied the folds which were entrusted to them with French stamps by over-charging them of their value in Spanish currency. Then, with the first years of French protectorate, as for the other french colonies, stamps bearing the name "MAROC"[1] were produced in Arabic. Tangier, as an international zone, had a French office which used the stamps of French Morocco labeled with the name of the city.

After independence

After the independence in 1956, the kingdom of Morocco regained its postal autonomy. Series of everyday usage were printed with the effigy of the sovereign king of Morocco.

A 1935 telegraph stamp of Spanish Morocco.

Stamps marked Western Sahara

Stamps marked República Saharaui (Saharan Republic), Sahara Occidental (Western Sahara) or Sahara Occ. R.A.S.D. relate to a disputed region to the south of Morocco and the west of Mauritania along the Atlantic coast of Africa. The Moroccan post office, in a Universal Postal Union circular, has stated that they do not regard these stamps as legitimate.[2]

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