Portugal no coração

Portugal "Portugal no coração"
Eurovision Song Contest 1977 entry
Paulo de Carvalho,
Fernanda Piçarra,
Luisa Basto,
Edmundo Silva,
Ana Bola,
Fernando Tordo
Fernando Tordo
José Calvário
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Uma flor de verde pinho" (1976)   
"Dai li dou" (1978) ►

"Portugal no coração" ("Portugal in my heart") was the Portuguese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1977, performed in Portuguese by Os Amigos.

The song is a ballad in praise of Portugal itself. The song is about freedom, brotherhood and hope. Many of the verses of the lyrics are acclamations of the end of the dictatorship that lasted for 48 years, and the end of the wars that the Portuguese people had been forced to fight on the African colonies by that dictatorship. It's also a love hymn from Portuguese people to their ex-colonies people, whom they had fought.

The song was performed eighth on the night, following Luxembourg's Anne-Marie B. with "Frère Jacques" and preceding the United Kingdom's Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran with "Rock Bottom". At the close of voting, it had received 18 points, placing 14th in a field of 18.

It was succeeded as Portuguese representative at the 1978 Contest by Gemini with "Dai li dou".

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