Portcullis Pursuivant

Portcullis Pursuivant

The heraldic badge of Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary
Heraldic tradition Gallo-British
Jurisdiction England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Governing body College of Arms

Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary is a junior officer of arms at the College of Arms in London. The office is named after the Portcullis chained Or badge of the Beauforts, which was a favourite device of King Henry VII. King Henry's mother was Lady Margaret Beaufort. The office was instituted around 1485, probably at the time of Henry's coronation. The badge of office is very similar to that of Somerset Herald of Arms in Ordinary, the latter being ensigned with the Royal Crown. The earliest recorded Portcullis Pursuivant was James or Jacques Videt, who was the plaintiff in a Common Pleas case in 1498[1] and again in 1500.[2]

The current Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary is The Hon. Christopher John Fletcher-Vane.

Holders of the office

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