Por ti (telenovela)

Por Tí
Developed by TV Azteca
Starring Leonardo Garcia
Ana de la Reguera
Opening theme "Doy La Vida Por Un Beso" by Zeze di Camargo y Luciano
"Y Llegaste Tu" by Sin Bandera
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 130
Running time 45 minutes
Original network Azteca 13

Por Ti (For You) is a Mexican telenovela that aired in 2002 on TV Azteca's Azteca 13. It starred Leonardo Garcia and Ana de la Reguera as protagonists.


Main protagonists

Leonardo Garcia
Ana de la Reguera

Special participation

Francisco de la O

Special appearance

Angelica Aragon

Leading actors

Luis Felipe Tovar
and Regina Torne
with Fernando Becerril as Arturo
Lolo Navarro as Tomasa
and Claudia Islas as Virginia
Season 2
Alvaro Guerrero

Other casts

Gloria Peralta
Rodrigo Cachero
Andrea Noli
Gabriel Porras
Vanessa Ciangherotti
Xavier Massimi
Tamara Monsserat
Mariana Torres
Season 2 onwards
Fabian Corres
Ana la Salvia
Alejandra Ley
Yul Bürkle
Mariana Isla
Luis Arrieta

Infant talent

Carlos Hays

Special guest stars

Hector Arredondo
Jorge Carles
and Rafael Sanchez Navarro

Casts trivia

In 2004, a number of casts of this series reunite in TV Azteca's Belinda which stars Mariana Torres and Leonardo Garcia as main protagonists. The other casts includes Rodrigo Cachero, Luis Arrieta, Tamara Monserrat, Regina Torne and others.

In the same year also, some casts also appears in TV Azteca's La Heredera. They are Andrea Noli, Fabian Corres, Hector Arredondo and others.

In 2006, Carlos Hays, Alvaro Guerrero, and Luis Felipe Tovar starred in Montecrsto with Silvia Navarro as heroine.

Theme song

Doy La Vida Por Un Beso





Y Llegaste Tu

Season 3 onwards

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