The Popilii Laenates was the name of an ancient Roman Plebs family, who lived during the era of the Roman Republic. The Popilii were known for their cruel and arrogant nature. The gens name Popilii is of Etruscan origin.

Popillia, Poppilia or Poppillia was the name given to the women of the Popilius Laenas family. During the Roman Republic, there were two women with the name Poppilia.

Poppilia (wife of Lucius Julius Caesar II)

Poppilia, wife of Lucius Julius Caesar II. Their children were Lucius Julius Caesar III (consul of 90 BC and later senator) and a Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo Vopiscus (a humble orator). Strabo Vopiscus might have had a twin brother. She was the paternal grandmother to the consul Lucius Julius Caesar IV and Julia Antonia (mother to Roman Triumvir Mark Antony). Poppilia died in December 110 BC.

Poppilia (wife of Quintus Lutatius Catulus)

Poppilia, wife of consul and Roman statesman Quintus Lutatius Catulus. They had a younger Quintus Lutatius Catulus (Capitolinus) (120 BC - 61 BC) who would become the consul in 78 BC, become an ally to Roman general Pompey and would dislike Julius Caesar. This Poppilia died after her husband in 87 BC. According to Cicero (de. Orat. ii. 11.) she was the first Roman woman to receive a funeral eulogy over her grave. The eulogy was given by her son and this was, at the time, the highest honor given to a woman in Rome.

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