Pope Simplicius

Pope Saint
Papacy began 468
Papacy ended 10 March 483
Predecessor Hilarius
Successor Felix III
Personal details
Birth name Simplicius
Born Tivoli, Western Roman Empire
Died 10 March 483(483-03-10)
Rome, Kingdom of Odoacer
Feast day 10 March
Papal styles of
Pope Simplicius
Reference style His Holiness
Spoken style Your Holiness
Religious style Holy Father
Posthumous style Saint

Pope Simplicius (died 10 March 483) was pope from 468 to his death in 483. He was born in Tivoli, Italy, the son of a citizen named Castinus. Most of what is known of him is derived from the Liber Pontificalis.[1]


Simplicius defended the action of the Council of Chalcedon against the Eutychian heresy, labored to help the people of Italy against the marauding raids of barbarian invaders, and saw the Heruli mercenaries revolt and proclaim Odoacer king of Italy in 476, having deposed Romulus Augustulus, the last Western Roman Emperor. Odoacer made few changes in the administration in Rome, firmly in the hands of its bishop, St. Simplicius. He worked to maintain the authority of Rome in the West.[1]

Simplicius is credited with the construction of a church named in memory of the virgin and martyr St. Bibiana.[1]

St. Simplicius's feast day is celebrated on 10 March,[2] the day of his death.[1]

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Felix III

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