Pontifical Institute of Sacred Liturgy

The Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome, located at Sant'Anselmo on the Aventine Hill, promotes the study of the Sacred Liturgy. It is entrusted to the Benedictine Confederation, and has the role of training professors of liturgy and liturgical experts to advance the study and teaching of the Church's liturgy in the various parts of the world.

English language programme

Ever since the 1990s successive presidi (deans) of the PIL have tried to establish English-language programmes of PIL courses in the US in order to provide access for English and Spanish-speaking students, first with the University of Chicago, and later with the St Thomas University, Miami, but these have not yet borne fruit. Similar attempts to initiate an English-language liturgy summer school at Sant’Anselmo in Rome have not yet matured.

At the behest of the Dean of the PIL, in 2009 the board of the Institutum Liturgicum in Anglia et Cambria requested the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the Catholic University of Leuven to give validation to the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy courses, now taught in Italian in Rome. The request was granted and these courses have been offered in English at the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre, Ealing Abbey in London as a "feeder" programme of studies for the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy since 2011.

Endorsements for the English language programme

The Council of the Preside endorsed the Publishing Project "Documenta Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Instaurata", directors Frs James Leachman OSB [1] and Daniel McCarthy OSB [2] in March 2008

On Thursday 12 November 2009 the Council of the Preside of the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy accepted the proposal of the board of the "Institutum Liturgicum in Anglia et Cambria"[3] to organise the teaching of some PIL courses in the UK, beginning Summer 2011 for a period of five years.[4] The Preside, Fr Ephrem Carr recommended that courses be additionally accredited at a different Pontifical University.

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