Pomellina Fregoso

Pomellina Fregoso (Genoa, 1387/88 – Monaco, 1468) was the wife of Jean I, Lord of Monaco, and the mother of Lord Catalan. She served as regent of Monaco from 1457 until March 1458 as the guardian of her granddaughter Claudine, Lady of Monaco.


Pomellina (or Pomelline) was a member of the noble Fregoso (or Campofregoso) family of Genoa, which included several doges of Genoa among its members. Her father was the Doge Pietro Fregoso (died 1404), and her mother was either Theodora Spinola or Benedetta Doria. At one point her spouse was taken captive by the duke of Milan, who threatened to kill him if Monégasque power was not turned over to him. She managed to secure the release of her husband and still keep its independence.

In 1457, she became regent as the guardian of her granddaughter Claudine. Her regency ended upon Claudine's abdication the following year.


She bore Giovanni Grimaldi, Lord of Monaco, a son:

  1. Catalan Grimaldi, Lord of Monaco

Through him, Pomellina Fregoso is an ancestor of Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi.

Preceded by
Antonia Spinola
Lady Consort of Monaco
Succeeded by
Blanche del Carretto

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