Serra Dolcedorme (high point)

Mount Pollino from the top of Serra delle Ciavole
Highest point
Elevation 2,267 m (7,438 ft)[1]
(Serra Dolcedorme)
Prominence 1,715 m (5,627 ft)[1]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 39°53′41″N 16°13′03″E / 39.89472°N 16.21750°E / 39.89472; 16.21750Coordinates: 39°53′41″N 16°13′03″E / 39.89472°N 16.21750°E / 39.89472; 16.21750[1]


Location Basilicata and Calabria, Italy
Parent range Lucan Apennines

The Pollino (Italian: Massiccio del Pollino) is a massif in the southern Apennines, on the border between Calabria and Basilicata, southern Italy. It became part of the Pollino National Park in 1992. The main peaks include Monte Pollino 2,248 m (7,375 ft) and the massif's high point, Serra Dolcedorme 2,267 m (7,438 ft), which overlooks the plain of Sibari.


Formed from limestone, the Pollino is the highest area in the range and erosion of the limestone, especially on the Calabrian side, has created numerous grottoes, such as the Romito grottoes, in which Palaeolithic petroglyphs have been found. Canyons have also been carved into the limestone, such as the canyon created by the Raganello stream.


The Pollino is home to a flourishing fauna and flora. Woods dominated by chestnut, beech and the rare Bosnian pine, which is the park's symbol, cover especially the highest peaks; animal species include the Italian wolf, eagle owl, roe deer and the rare golden eagle.

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