Polish presidential election, 1933

In the Polish Presidential election, 1933 Professor Ignacy Mościcki was re-elected President of the Second Republic of Poland on May 8 1933 for a further period of seven years, having previously been elected to the position in 1926. He was elected by 332 votes, with 11 votes appearing to be void. The result was greeted with loud cheers.

He was elected by the Polish Sejm (Diet) and Senate sitting together as the National Assembly. The National Assembly had 555 members but only 343 were present, mainly members of the government party of Marshal Józef Piłsudski. The main opposition party stayed away, but representatives of German minority and Jewish parties plus three smaller parties (including the Communists who tried to nominate their own candidate but did not have the necessary 50 votes to nominate) were present;.


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