Polish People's Party "Wyzwolenie"

Polish People's Party "Wyzwolenie"
Founded 1915
Dissolved 1931
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Ideology Agrarianism
Agrarian socialism
Political position Centre-left

Polish Peasant Party "Wyzwolenie" or Polish People's Party "Wyzwolenie"[1] (Polish: Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe "Wyzwolenie", abbreviated as PSL Wyzwolenie) was a political party from the interwar period of the Second Polish Republic (1915–1931).

It was formed in 1915 by several peasant parties in Kingdom of Poland. In comparison to Polish People's Party "Piast", it was a left-wing party, and an ally of Polish Socialist Party (Polska Partia Socjalistyczna). PSL Wyzwolenie supported the May Coup in 1926, but soon afterwards distanced itself from Sanation and joined the opposition. In 1931 it merged with several other parties forming the People's Party (Stronnictwo Ludowe).

Important politicians included:


  1. Wyzwolenie is Polish for Liberation, and many sources translate the party's name fully as Polish Peasant Party "Liberation" or Polish People's Party "Liberation"
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