Policastro Bussentino

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Policastro Bussentino
Policastro Bussentino

Location of Policastro Bussentino in Italy

Coordinates: 40°04′00″N 15°31′00″E / 40.06667°N 15.51667°E / 40.06667; 15.51667Coordinates: 40°04′00″N 15°31′00″E / 40.06667°N 15.51667°E / 40.06667; 15.51667
Country  Italy
Region  Campania
Province Salerno (SA)
Comune Santa Marina
Elevation 4 m (13 ft)
  Total 1,727[1]
Demonym(s) Policastresi
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 84067
Dialing code (+39) 0974
Railway station

Policastro Bussentino (or simply Policastro) is an Italian hamlet (frazione) in the municipality of Santa Marina (even of its seat) in the province of Salerno, Campania region.


The town was founded in 471 BC as Pixunte (or Pixous),[2] a colony of Magna Graecia. During the fascist period, with the union of municipalities of Ispani and Santa Marina, Policastro became a hamlet of Capitello.


The town is located on the southern side of Cilento, not too far from the national park, in the middle of its gulf by Tyrrhenian Sea. Situated by the estuary of river Bussento it is far 10 km (north) from Sapri, 5 from Santa Marina, 4 from Scario (hamlet of San Giovanni a Piro), 25 from Marina di Camerota (hamlet of Camerota) and almost 90 from Salerno. The nearest villages by the sea are Capitello (hamlet of Ispani, far 2 km) and Villammare (hamlet of Vibonati, far 4 km).


Policastro attracts visitors, especially in summer, due to the quality of its water, its rural surroundings and a good rail link and for camping.


The railway station is situated in the middle of the town, by the main line Rome-Naples-Reggio Calabria-Palermo/Catania. Regional trains run every hour. The town recently inaugurated (2006) as the final track of national road SS18, which runs from Salerno - Battipaglia - Paestum - Agropoli - Vallo della Lucania - Palinuro to Sapri. Policastro has another carriageway, a variation of SS 517 that reaches Padula and the A3 Motorway[3] exit Padula-Buonabitacolo, via Sanza.

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