Gare de Poissy

Poissy RER
RER station / Transilien station

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Owned by RER A SNCF
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Fare zone 5
Opened 1843
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Transilien Transilien Paris – Saint-Lazare
toward Vernon
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Poissy is a rail station in Poissy, France, at the western edge of Paris.


The station is situated at kilometric point 25.835 of Paris–Le Havre railway.[1]


The station is inaugurated on May 9, 1843, then rebuilt in the 1870s. The building is dismantled in 1987 to make room for the current station.[2] From May 29, 1989, the station is a terminus of one of the three western branches of RER A.


Train service

Poissy is served by RER A trains running on branch A5. It is its terminus. Service frequency is three trains an hour at off-peek time, six trains an hour during peek hours and two trains an hour at evenings. Journey time to La Défense is around 20 minutes, and around 30 minutes to Châtelet - Les Halles.

The station is also served by Transilien line J. Service frequency is two trains an hour at off-peek time and at evenings, and two or three trains an hour during peek hours. Journey time to Paris Saint-Lazare is around 20 minutes.


The station is served by the following bus lines :


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