Pohokura field

The Pohokura field is an oil and gas field located 4 km offshore of north Taranaki in New Zealand, in approximately 30 m of water. The field was discovered in 2000 by Fletcher Challenge and has ultimate recoverable reserves (1P) of 1,227 Bcf (1435 PJ) of gas and 61 mmbbls of oil and condensate.[1]

The field has 6 offshore and 3 onshore wells, with the production station located on shore, adjacent to the Motunui methanol plant. The production station is unmanned, and is operated from a control room in New Plymouth. The first commercial production was in September 2006.

In 2009, Pohokura was the largest gas producing field in New Zealand, producing 42% of total production.[2]

Pohokura is owned by Shell (48%), OMV (26%) and Todd Energy (26%), and is operated by Shell.[1]

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Coordinates: 38°58′32″S 174°16′37″E / 38.97556°S 174.27694°E / -38.97556; 174.27694

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