Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Former name Plymouth Hospitals
Headquarters Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, Devon PL6 8DH
Region served Plymouth, West Devon and South East Cornwall, England
Type NHS hospital trust
Establishments Derriford Hospital, Royal Eye Infirmary, Child Development Centre
Chair Richard Crompton
Chief Exec Ann James

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is the organisation which runs Derriford Hospital, and the recently (2013) co-located Royal Eye Infirmary (REI), as well as the Child Development Centre in Plymouth, Devon. The trust is an NHS trust that provides secondary health services in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

It is one of six centres used by the Defence Medical Services.


The Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is the secondary care trust which runs Derriford Hospital, as well as the Royal Eye Infirmary since 2013 and Plymouth's Child Development centre. [1] It also manages community midwifery services in Plymouth, runs clinics, and manages the Peninsula Radiology Academy.[2]


The Trust has recorded a financial deficit each year since 2010 and expects to continue to do so for the next five years.[3]The trust cancelled 648 operations at the last minute for non-clinical reasons between January and March 2015 - the highest number of any trust in England.[4]

The trust has an arrangement with BMI Healthcare for cardiac surgery performed by the trust’s own surgeons at the London Independent Hospital. This is mainly valve replacements and coronary artery bypass grafts. Patients usually spend 5–8 days in hospital and are admitted the night before to take account of travelling.[5]

The Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group gave the trust a £2.4 million advance payment in November 2015 to help its cash balance.[6] In February 2016 it was expecting a deficit of £36 million for the year.[7]

According to the British Orthopaedic Association the Peninsula Trauma Centre at Derriford was the best in the country in 2016 for treating open fractures.[8]

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