Pleione (mythology)

Pleione (/ˈpl.ən/; from the Greek Πληιόνη or Πλειόνη[1]) was an Oceanid nymph in Greek mythology.

She lived in a southern region of Greece called Arcadia, on a mountain named Mount Kyllini. She married the Titan Atlas and gave birth to the Hyades, Hyas and the Pleiades. She was also the protectress of sailing.

Her grandson was the god Hermes and the demigod Iasion was her great-grandson.

In the 2007 fantasy novel The Titan's Curse, Pleione is named as the mother of secondary protagonist Zoe Nightshade, a follower of the goddess Artemis and a former Hesperid. It is, however, erroneously implied that Pleione is the mother of the Hesperides, rather than Hesperius.


  1. Harry Thurston Peck's Harper's Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) indicates that the 'o' has traditionally been short (and hence unstressed) in English pronunciation.


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