Playbill Records

Playbill Records
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment
Founded 2006
Distributor(s) Sony BMG Masterworks (In the US)
Genre Various
Country of origin US
Official website

Playbill Records is an American record label, and subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.


Playbill, the internationally recognized and authoritative publication for theatre, music and the performing arts expanded the reach of its famous yellow and black trademark logo with this newly minted record label in the summer of 2006. Launched in conjunction with Sony BMG's Legacy Recordings and Sony BMG Masterworks, the label's primary goal is to develop a broad fan-base for amazing artists, while at the same time introducing new audiences to the extraordinary recordings contained in Sony BMG's vast archives. Playbill's first artists signed were Broadway veterans Brian Stokes Mitchell and Betty Buckley.

Playbill Records plans to offer three different categories of recordings on their label. First is original music. The second will be the creation of compilations, which will go under the heading of Playbill Editors' Choice. The third part of the joint venture between Playbill and Sony BMG is the re-releasing of remixed and remastered Broadway recordings.

Playbill Artists

Artists on the current Playbill Records roster include (listed alphabetically):

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