Plautius Quintillus

Plautius Quintillus (died by 175) was a Roman Politician that lived in the Roman Empire in the 2nd century.

The family of Plautius Quintillus was of consular rank from Rome and was politically active during the rule of Nerva–Antonine dynasty in the 2nd century. Quintillus’ birth name could have been Lucius Titius Plautius Quintillus. His father was probably Lucius Titius Epidius Aquilinus, who served as consul in 125 under the Roman Emperor Hadrian. According to a preserved incomplete inscription found in Rome, Aquilinus may have been the head of a priestly college and could have hosted a public entertainment event held in Rome. His brother may have been Lucius Titius Plautius Aquilinus who served as consul in 162 under the Roman Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus.

During the reign of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius (138-161), Quintillus served as an ordinary consul. Quintillus married a noblewoman called Ceionia Fabia. Fabia was a daughter of Roman Senator Lucius Aelius Verus Caesar the first adopted heir of Hadrian, was a sister to Roman Emperor Lucius Verus and a sister-in-law to Empress Lucilla. Fabia bore Quintillus a son called Marcus Peducaeus Plautius Quintillus who later married Annia Aurelia Fadilla, one of the daughters of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina the Younger.

Throughout the Roman Empire, various honorific inscriptions have survived being dedicated to Quintillus and his family. These inscriptions honor him, his wife, his son and as being a relative of Lucius Verus.

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