Pizza quattro stagioni

Pizza quattro stagioni

Pizza quattro stagioni (four seasons pizza) is a variety of pizza in Italian cuisine that is prepared in four sections with diverse ingredients, with each section representing each season of the year.[1] It is a very popular pizza in Italy,[1] and has been described as a "classic",[2] "famous"[3] and "renowned"[4] Italian pizza.


Pizza quattro stagioni is typically prepared using artichokes, tomatoes or basil, mushrooms and ham or prosciutto, or olives.[5] The artichokes represent spring, tomatoes or basil represent summer, mushrooms represent autumn and the ham or olives represent winter.[1][5][6] Other ingredients may also be used.[7] It is typically prepared using a tomato sauce and cheese.[1][5][6] Fresh-cooked or canned artichoke hearts may be used.[6]

Some of the topping ingredients can first be dried in an oven to reduce their moisture, which prevents the pizza from being soggy when finished.[2] Baking it on a pizza stone can also prevent sogginess.[2] It may be finished with olive oil drizzled atop the pizza.[6][5] The pizza can be sliced into wedges or by its four sections.[1][5] Pizza quattro stagioni can be prepared as a vegetarian dish.[8]

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