Ramón Freire, hero of the Chilean War of Independence and head of state between 1823 and 1826 and again in 1827, was an icon of the Pipiolo movement

Pipiolos (Spanish for youngs, naives) was the name used to refer to Chilean upper class liberals in the early 19th century. The name Pipiolo was originally used by the Pelucones or conservatives in a despective maner by associating the liberals to inexperience. In the Chilean Civil War of 1829 the Pipiolos led by Ramón Freire were defeated and the Pelucones could triumphantly enforce the Chilean Constitution of 1833 which led to creation of a strong unitarian and authoritarian presidentialist system held up by upper-class democracy.

During the Revolution of 1851 the Pipiolos made a failed attempt to seize power from conservatives. With the Liberal–Conservative Fusion in 1858 term Pipiolo fell into disuse.

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