Pinoy Big Brother

For the current season of this franchise, see Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7.
Pinoy Big Brother
Current and updated franchise logo used from 2016–present

Pinoy Big Brother, more popularly known by its abbreviated title PBB, is the Philippine version of Big Brother. The word Pinoy in the title is a colloquial term used to describe the Filipino people.[1] The show first aired on August 21, 2005 on ABS-CBN, Studio 23, and its international channel, TFC in various countries worldwide.[2] The uncut 24/7 version of the series can also be seen on the internet through paid-online streaming video subscription via TFCNow, and through cable network SkyCable.[3][4] The show is currently hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez, Bianca Gonzalez, and Robi Domingo.

Other essential elements of the Big Brother franchise are present, such as weekly and daily challenges, the confession room, and the voice known only as "Big Brother," sometimes referred to as "Kuya" (Tagalog for an elder male sibling). Pinoy Big Brother uses their tagline "Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay" or the "Real Life Soap Opera".[1]


The original series logo used from 2005-2015 with different variations, but is still used in promotions.


It follows the same premise as its many foreign counterparts around the world where in a number of Filipinos volunteered to live inside a house for a certain number of days.

The elimination process in the show is the reverse of the original Dutch format. At the start of the elimination process, the "housemates" (as the contestants are referred to) vote for which two (sometimes more if there are ties or if Big Brother hands out an automatic nomination) fellow housemates they should eliminate. Once these nominations are chosen, the viewer votes come into play. For a week viewers are asked to vote, via SMS or voice messaging through PLDT's hotline (later abolished in favor of vote cards), for whoever they wanted to stay longer in the house. The housemate with the least viewer votes is eliminated. In the final week, the one with the most viewer votes will win the grand prize package, usually includes house and lot, a car, a business franchise, home appliances, and a holiday, and is given the title the Big Winner.[5]

The show has aired also two special versions. One of which is the Celebrity version of the show, which housed commercial models, actors and actresses, radio and TV show hosts, musicians, sports and fashion personalities, and even politicians in a certain number of days (the duration of this particular version of the show is lesser compared to the regular seasons). Celebrity housemates, like many counterparts abroad, play for charity, aside from themselves. Prizes given away from edition to edition can vary, but basically, the cash prize an edition's winner can receive is the same as the prize for that winner's chosen charity organization, i.e. the winner and his/her charity each win the same amount.

The other one is the Teen version. The adolescents chosen for this particular version are aged 13 to 18 years old, are from different cities in the Philippines, sometimes even from certain overseas countries with sizable Filipino communities. Other factors are disregarded; in-school and out-of-school youths, natural-born Filipinos and adolescents with a mixture of Filipino and foreign blood, those with intact and broken families, and even teenage single parents may be eligible as long one passes the age requirement and has a background worth exploring during the edition's run. This edition is usually done in the Philippine "summer" months of late March to early June. During this time, temperatures in the country are at their highest and most students are out of school; a regular school year in the Philippines runs from June of one year to March of the next.

The House

The Pinoy Big Brother studios as seen from the 12th floor of ELJ Communications Center. On the lower left of the picture is the facade designed for the former reality television show Pinoy Dream Academy, on the upper left is the Pinoy Big Brother activity area, while on the upper right of the picture are the swimming pool area and the Pinoy Big Brother multi-purpose hall.

The house is actually a large, fully air-conditioned studio with facade made to look like an ideal middle-class house. It is located just in front of the ELJ Communications Center in Eugenio Lopez Street, Diliman, Quezon City. The leftmost part of the facade was designed for another reality show franchise called Pinoy Dream Academy until 2011, when it was entirely removed in favor of Big Brother. The interior of the studio is designed to look like a real house with themes and interior design changing for every season of the show. The studio is also designed to capture every "housemate's" activities with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and microphones. The house is surrounded by walls with two-way mirrors to allow cameramen to directly shoot from behind of the mirrors. The studio has backlots that is utilize for several purposes depending on the season's theme. Currently, the backlots are utilize as activity area, swimming pool area, and multi-purpose hall. Previously, it was also used for a garden, a resort, a concert hall for Pinoy Dream Academy, an eviction hall, and even a slum. The multi-purpose hall in particular is used by the ABS-CBN Foundation as a relief goods storage facility during calamities. The house's set-up is that of a bungalow, even though the facade is obviously designed as a two-storey house. The second floor houses the a state-of-the-art master control room and several amenities designed for the program's crew. Although any form of communication from the outside world is banned inside the house, there is a large flat-screen television set in the living room, used for only 2 purposes:

To complete the set up, 26 surveillance cameras are positioned all over the house to watch the housemates' every move,[6] including the bathroom. For modesty's sake, images from the bathroom will be shown if the bathroom is used for any purpose other than bathing and using the toilet.

The set up of the house, especially when shown in television, makes the illusion that it is a one-storey house. But anyone who passes by the house can easily notice that its facade is that of a two-storey house. That is because the second storey houses parts of the control room. The actual front doors to the house area are actually further inside.

The house interior was rebuilt for the second season. These changes include the following:

For the third regular season, the Big Brother house was divided into two different, yet equally furnished "houses." The changes that were made for the third season are the following

The Big Brother House after its renovation in 2011. In 2015, former Pinoy Dream Academy facade next door became part of the Big Brother house as an extended facade.

For the fourth season, the facade of the Big Brother house was fully renovated,[7] and the gates were removed. The outside of the Big Brother house still served as the venue for evictions. The Big Brother house was still divided into two different themed houses yet both equally furnished. Both houses have separate confession rooms. The garden was removed, and the pool was retained and was considered a separate area and was called the Resort. The area was used for some time for Big Brother's rewards and tasks to the housemates, and was a venue for some House Battles. The activity area was retained, and was renovated several times in order to accommodate the season's twists. Initially, it was used as a temporary shelter for the initial group of housemates, and was themed after a typical urban slum house.

For the second special season, the former Pinoy Dream Academy facade became part of the Big Brother House as an extended facade. Also, the eviction now took place inside the ABS-CBN studios rather than outside the facade. The evicted housemate will be transferred by a car leading to the Eviction Studio.


To prepare the viewers for the program's run, two primers were aired. The first was Eto na si Kuya! (Here Comes Big Brother), which talked about the essentials of the franchise and its success around the world. In the second primer, entitled Ang Bahay ni Kuya (Big Brother's House), Mariel and Toni indirectly gave the viewers a tour of the Big Brother house and its rooms, along with the control center and the confession booth. It also featured highlights a dry run where 12 of the network's talents stayed in the house for 24 hours and experienced the challenges and tests the housemates would experience at the start of the actual run.[1][8]

Theme songs

The show also had its theme song called "Pinoy Ako" (English: I'm a Filipino) by Orange and Lemons. This song is also the basis for much of the background music used in the show. Other theme songs for the show was Sikat ang Pinoy by season 1 contestant Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga which was used for its Celebrity seasons. A different theme song was also used for its Teen seasons; Kabataang Pinoy of the Itchyworms. The new version of "Pinoy Ako" by Reo Brothers was released on Season 5/All in Season.


The current hosts of Pinoy Big Brother
Toni Gonzaga
Mariel Rodriguez
Robi Domingo

Originally, television personality and comedian Willie Revillame was the main eviction host of the show, along with young up-and-coming personalities Mariel Rodriguez and Toni Gonzaga.[9] Gonzaga hosted the primetime telecast which chronicles the events of the day before (unless an episode is telecast live).[10] Rodriguez, on the other hand, hosted the late night edition called Pinoy Big Brother: Uplate, which updates anything viewers missed in the primetime telecast, as well as what to look forward in the next one.[10] Revillame hosted the live telecast of the eviction and the public revelation of the nomination for evictees, but only for the first season.[10][11][12] He has not returned to the program even before the first Celebrity edition started because of the ULTRA stampede.

Luis Manzano took over Willie's place for the Celebrity Edition and later returned in Teen Edition Plus in 2008.[13]

On its Teen edition's first season, Bianca Gonzalez (a TV host and a former housemate of the first celebrity season) took over Mariel Rodriguez for Teen Edition: Update, and PBB: Uplate, a successful spin-off program that Mariel Rodriguez has hosted in its early editions — while Mariel became primetime host, whilst Gonzaga only hosted the Big Night prior to other commitments.

One of its original hosts, Rodriguez left the show in a surprising manner in 2010 prior to her transfer to TV5 and was replaced by former teen housemate and Teen Edition Plus runner-up Robi Domingo as co-presenter from Unlimited onwards.[14]

Originally, Martin Concio, son of ABS-CBN president, CEO and COO Charo Santos-Concio is supposed to be in the roster, but later backed out. Later, John Prats, also a former celebrity housemate and the runner-up in the first Celebrity Edition, joined Gonzaga, Gonzalez, and Domingo as hosts for Teen Edition 4.[15]

In the fifth regular season of the franchise, Slater Young was introduced as one of the hosts, but was later moved to host that season's new online show, with Teen Edition 4's Joj and Jai Agpangan.[16][17] He was then replaced by Toni's sister Alex Gonzaga, who only hosted the first night of the season (due to her surprise inclusion as housemate and later houseguest).

On the 737 season, Enchong Dee was introduced as a new host; however, as part of the tradition of the program, he had to stay in the House first and experience how the housemates are experiencing their stay inside the House. He later was allowed to exit the house; afterwards, he returned to his hosting stint as the show's hourly updater. On the other hand, Mariel Rodriguez returned to the show after five years to play as the last celebrity houseguest and later host the Big Nights marking her significant return as host, similar to that of what happened to Gonzaga in the first Teen Edition Big Night.

On the Lucky 7 season, Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez both took a leave from hosting. This is in preparation for the delivery of their respective babies.[18][19] It was Mariel who first announced the leave due to her delicate delivery after her two miscarriages.[20][21][22] Toni is expected to give birth around September or October 2016 adding that giving birth is her biggest fear now.[18]

Other presenters

Asia Agcaoili spearheaded the show for the viewers of Studio 23. Her show, called Pinoy Big Brother on Studio 23: Si Kuya, KaBarkada Mo (English: Filipino Big Brother on Studio 23: Your Brother, Your Buddy), not only featured snippets from the primetime telecast the night before, but also featured opinion polls both from the man on the street and those sending SMS, spoof segments, unaired videos, and feed from inside the house (either live feed or footage taped earlier). Studio 23 has stopped the practice since the second Celebrity Edition and instead resorted to airing the delayed late morning/early afternoon feeds.

Talk show host Boy Abunda hosted the postseason documentaries. It featured issues and controversies about the housemates.

Season summary

The show had spawn 4 regular seasons, 2 celebrity seasons, 4 teens seasons, and 3 special editions since it began airing on August 21, 2005. Recent winners were Miho Nishida and Jimboy Martin of Pinoy Big Brother: 737.

Season Premiered Ended Housemates Days Winner Runner-up Notes
1 Pinoy Big Brother 1 Aug. 21, 2005 Dec. 10, 2005 13 112 Nene Tamayo Jayson Gainza First regular season. Only season that featured Willie Revillame as host of the show. First season to feature the 100-second session.
2 Celebrity Edition 1 Feb. 05, 2006 Apr. 01, 2006 14 56 Keanna Reeves John Prats First season to feature celebrities as housemates. Introduced prizes for the housemates chosen charities.
3 Teen Edition 1 Apr. 23, 2006 Jun. 03, 2006 14 42 Kim Chiu Mikee Lee First season to have teens, aged 15 to 18, as housemates. Primetime host Toni Gonzaga only hosted the season's Big Night. First season to have a finale task outside the house.
4 Pinoy Big Brother 2 Feb. 25, 2007 Jun. 30, 2007 18 126 Bea Saw Mickey Perz First season to have Big Brother Swap; Introduced the Secret housemates twist and Immunity Challenges.
5 Celebrity Edition 2 Oct. 14, 2007 Jan. 05, 2008 16 84 Ruben Gonzaga Canada Riza Santos The longest and the last celebrity season. This season also introduced a task that span the entire season, the inclusion of two-in-one housemates and the Head of Household twist.
6 Teen Edition Plus Mar. 23, 2008 Jun. 07, 2008 14 77 Ejay Falcon Robi Domingo First season to add a subtitle to the name of the show. The season also featured the Ateneo-La Salle rivalry, and introduced the Guardians and the House Player twists.
7 Double Up Oct. 04, 2009 Feb. 13, 2010 26 133 Melisa Cantiveros Paul Jake Castillo Introduced two separate twin housemates that secretly act as one person. First season to adapt two separate houses for two separate group of housemates. Introduced the Vote to Save and Evict voting system. Introduced the Big Jump to the Big Night. First season to have five housemates in the finale instead of the usual four.
8 Teen Clash 2010 Apr. 10, 2010 Jun. 26, 2010 27 78 Australia James Reid South Korea Ryan Bang First season to introduce non-Filipino teens as housemates. Also the first season to have a non-Filipino citizen winner. First season to have six housemates in the finale instead of the usual four.
9 Unlimited Oct. 29, 2011 Mar. 31, 2012 37 155 Slater Young Pamu Pamorada First season to feature three separate houses. Introduced the reserved housemates twist (wherein each shortlisted auditionees were given a chance to become an official housemate), and challenges that needs to be done outside the house. The only season to have two separate programs ("Unliday" and "Unlinight") for two separate groups of housemates. The only season with the most number of housemates.
10 Teen Edition 4 Apr. 08, 2012 Jul. 07, 2012 15 91 Myrtle Sarrosa Karen Reyes The longest teen season in the entire history of the franchise. First season to have two-in-one housemates in the finale.
11 All In Apr. 27, 2014 Aug. 24, 2014 19 120 Brazil Daniel Matsunaga Maris Racal The first in the show and in the entire Big Brother franchise to have a mix of teen, adult and celebrity housemates. First season to have a Philippine celebrity with no Filipino blood (Daniel Matsunaga) and first to have a twins (The Pagotans) that are not considered as a 2-in-1 housemate. Introduced the public nominations (BBN), Instasave and the two powers granted to an evicted housemate. First time to have a Big Night on a Sunday slot instead of Saturday.
12 737 Jun. 20, 2015 Nov. 8, 2015 26 142 Japan Miho Nishida
United States Tommy Esguerra
The first in the show and in the entire Big Brother franchise to have two editions, teens and regulars thereby having two Big Winners, that ran through continuously in one season. Return of Mariel Rodriguez as host after five years. First time to have a Big Night in mixing a usual days (Saturday and Sunday), As a result, Weekend is the only way to did a task.
Jimboy Martin
Australia Ylona Garcia
13 Lucky 7 July 11, 2016 TBA 31 The first time since 2007 to have a batch of celebrities to enter the House; also the first time in the history of the show that the housemates were housed in a foreign Big Brother House, in Vietnam. There are three chapters awaiting this season, first to enter are the celebrities, teens to be followed, and regular adults to come in last in the season. The first season where nominated housemates will undergo Ligtask challenges instead of the public vote during usual eviction nights until the seven housemates in each batch remain. This will be the longest season to date. This season has the longest teen edition as teen housemates resided for a total of 106 days.


Regular seasons

Season 1

The network held auditions in various locations all over the country, which attracted more than twenty-five thousand applicants.[23] The show premiered on August 21, 2005. Twelve housemates initially entered the house, however on Day 28, Sam Milby joined the group after Jenny Suico volunteered to leave the house for personal reasons. The entire first season lasted 111 days. On December 10, 2005, Nene Tamayo was proclaimed as the winner of the first regular season at the Clark Expo, Angeles City, Pampanga after garnering 554,906 (or 48.9 percent) of the total text votes taking home a million of pesos, a house and lot, a new Nissan Frontier, a new Yamaha motorcycle, an entertainment component system, and a livelihood showcase.[12][24] Other housemates who made it to the finals were Jayson Gainza, Cass Ponti, and Uma Khouny.

Season 2

ABS-CBN held auditions stretching from May to June 2006 in various cities in the Philippines, as well as overseas auditions in Sydney, Milan, Tokyo, Dubai, and San Francisco, for the show's second season, which began on February 25, 2007 (it was originally scheduled for March), and ended on June 30 of the same year. These same auditions were also held for another reality show, Pinoy Dream Academy, another Endemol franchise. This season of Pinoy Big Brother promised a bigger house, more housemates (fourteen to be exact), and a stricter Big Brother. The "bigger house" concept stems from the fact that the house area was expanded and used in Pinoy Dream Academy. The house had been expanded with larger living and dining areas, larger bedrooms, separate restrooms, and others. The number of cameras had been increased from 27 to 42 and the front doors of the house were now at the garden, leading to the eviction hall built next door which was the auditorium previously used in the first season of Pinoy Dream Academy. Previously the original front doors of the house area lead to the facade of the house. Pinoy Ako had also been rehashed, this time sung by the band CeBaLo (Yvan Lambatan, Panky Trinidad, Eman Abatayo, and Davey Langit of Pinoy Dream Academy).[25]

On June 30, 2007, 125 days after the season premiere, at the Araneta Coliseum, Beatriz Saw was declared the Big Winner of the second season, besting 15 other housemates. She garnered about 1.5 million votes, or 30.29% of the total number of votes. This alone surpasses Kim Chiu's record for the most number of votes earned by a Big Winner. Saw received a million of pesos, and other prizes which includes a house and lot, a kitchen showcase, a brand new car, a business franchise, and package tours.[26]

Double Up

Melisa Cantiveros, Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up Big Winner.

There were two sets of auditions that were held for the third season: first was being held in key cities in the Philippines as well as in Dubai, Milan, and Madrid.[27] The second set was held in the Philippines, Tokyo, Japan, and San Francisco, US. There were a total of 57,824 people who auditioned.[28] In fact, because of the multitude of people who tried to audition in Manila, a second set of audition dates were set, but only for those who registered through SMS.[29]

Of all of the people who auditioned, fifty were included in a shortlist as potential housemates.[28] Fourteen initially entered the House in the third regular season, dubbed Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, which began on October 4, 2009. The "Double Up" moniker stems from the House being split into two near identical House areas, as well as the use of two sets of male identical twins, each twin of each set would live in each House area.[30] A further twelve housemates followed into the House.[31]

On February 13, 2010 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, 132 days after the season started, Melisa Cantiveros was declared the Big Winner, amassing 1.23 million votes or 32.08% out of 3.8 million votes cast in a two-week final vote. She won the cash prize of a million pesos, a house and lot worth more than two million pesos, a 40-inch LCD TV screen, and a business franchise. She also won Asian tour package along with a companion in any three key Asian destinations. Her chosen charity, Substitute Home for Girls, also received a million pesos in cash.[32]


A fourth edition was announced on February 26, 2011, with auditions taking place on March 4 at the SM Mall of Asia and auditions on key cities in the Philippines held between March and June of the same year, as well as two overseas auditions in Tokyo and Los Angeles. A total of 30,789 auditionees took part.[33][34] It would be first edition not to feature Mariel Rodriguez, who transferred to rival station TV5 in October 2011. The fourth edition, which was given the name Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited, began airing on October 29, 2011.[35]

Initially, the house interior resembles a typical shanty town in Philippines, with the housemates living in meager conditions.[36][37] However, it is revealed later that Unlimited would follow the two-House concept of Double Up, with the second "House" following the traditional House layout of previous seasons. Because of this and each "House" having two different sets of housemates, the main weekday show has been split into two main programs, one continuing to air in primetime to show events in the "slum" half, the other, an afternoon show, looking into goings-on in the "traditional" half.[38] A more elegant "mansion" House, as well as other areas were eventually introduced.

On March 31, 2012, 154 days after the season started, at the Quirino Grandstand,[39] Slater Young was declared the Big Winner, amassing 40.02% of votes cast in a two-day final vote. He thus earned the distinction of being the first male winner of a regular season four years after Ruben Gonzaga was declared as the first male winner of the entire franchise. Young took the cash prize of two million pesos plus other special prizes.[40]

Celebrity seasons

Season 1

A 56-day celebrity version was started on February 5, 2006, known as Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. The celebrity version is not confined only to showbiz idols. Celebrities who auditioned include athletes, stand-up comedians, ramp and commercial models, musicians, and TV personalities. Of these, fourteen were chosen for the edition's first run.

On April 1, 2006 at the facade of Central Post Office Building in Manila, starlet Keanna Reeves was declared the winner of Celebrity Edition, garnering the highest number of votes among the "Big 4" finalists, with 571,607 votes or 44.2% of total votes cast. Reeves surpassed Tamayo's vote total during the first season. Reeves won a million peso, and brand new condominium unit.[41]

Season 2

The second Celebrity edition began on October 14, 2007 and had an 84-day run.[42][43] The show was supposed to run for only 70, but the extension was announced through a seemingly fake news report and was later implied to be confirmed by Big Brother.[44]

There were a total of 15 individual celebrities but two pairs, namely Marylaine Viernes and Jen da Silva and Baron and Donnie Geisler, were part of the 2-in-1 housemates twist and each pair was counted as one.[45] This brought the official total of celebrity housemates to 13. An additional housemate, Gladys Guevarra, entered the house midway of the season due to unprecedented circumstances, bringing the total to 16 individual housemates.[46]

On January 5, 2008 at the Araneta Coliseum, comedian Ruben Gonzaga was declared the winner of the second Celebrity Edition, earning the highest among the four finalists, with 506,402 votes or 32.17% of the 1.6 million votes cast. Gonzaga won a Sony Bravia, a business franchise worth P2,000,000, a condominium unit, and P2,000,000 cash from Jack and Jill snacks and ABS-CBN.[47][48] Gonzaga also became the franchise's first ever male winner in its history.

Teen seasons

Season 1

Kim Chiu, Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1 Big Winner.

A teen version of Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, was shown in the Philippine "summer months" of April and May, when children and teenagers take their vacation from school. This edition premiered on April 23, 2006, roughly three weeks after the end of the first Celebrity Edition and ran for six weeks. It featured teenagers aged from 16 to 18 years old as housemates.

Auditions in Cebu City, Davao City, and Metro Manila were held and according to ABS-CBN, 30,000 teens answered the audition call. Of these, twelve are selected; eight come from the Manila auditions while the remaining four represent the Visayas-Mindanao area.

On June 3, 2006 at the Aliw Theater, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Pasay City, Kim Chiu of Cebu, was declared the winner of the first Teen Edition, besting 13 other housemates, and took home a grand prize of a million pesos, a condominium unit, a scholarship from AMA University, a paradise vacation tour, a business franchise, appliances, and other prizes. Chiu garnered 626,562 votes, or 41.4% of the total votes.[49]


Ejay Falcon, Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus Big Winner.

A second Teen Edition, called Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus, has been announced. According to ABS-CBN, 15,000 teenagers auditioned; thirty were selected for the final casting call, from which fourteen were chosen to be official housemates. It had its premiere on March 23, 2008 and ran for eleven weeks.[50]

On June 7, 2008 at the Araneta Coliseum, Ejay Falcon was announced as the winner earning 624,920 votes or 36.31% of the total votes. Falcon took home a million pesos, and a condominium unit.[51]

Teen Clash 2010

The third Teen Edition, called Teen Clash 2010, began on April 10, 2010.[52] Auditions for this season were held simultaneously with Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up during the months of March to May 2009. As these auditions were held a year in advance, the age limit was lowered to 14-17, since they would be within the correct age limit of 15-18 once the edition starts.[53] A second set of auditions were announced, this time with an advanced registration through SMS and the age limit for auditioning was 15-18.

A total of around 50,000 teenagers attended the auditions, from which 16 were chosen. Like Double Up, there were two houses, each inhabited by eight housemates. Fifteen entered the Houses on April 10 with the last one to follow the next night. An additional eleven housemates (one Filipino, one half-Filipino, and nine foreigners without any Filipino lineage) entered the house for a Philippines vs. World clash. The nine foreigners, along with the half-Filipino, were dubbed as Teenternationals and were the first ever full-blooded ones (as opposed to participants who are part-Filipino) to compete in any reality show in the Philippines.

On June 26, 2010 at the Ynares Center in Antipolo City, James Reid was announced as the winner, earning 179,294 votes or 19.75% of the total vote. Only 1.05% or a little less than 10,000 votes separated him from second placer Ryan Bang.[54] Reid took home a million pesos cash, a condo unit worth 3 million pesos, business franchise worth one and a half million pesos, an Asian trip for two, and a 46-inch LCD television.[55]

Season 4

The fourth Teen Edition began on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012. Auditions for this season were held in the months of February and March 2012 during the run simultaneously with Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited, starting with auditions at the SM Mall of Asia and other key cities in the Philippines, as well as overseas auditions in London, England.[56] Female twins, entered on opening night while the second batch of housemates, an all-female line-up entered on Day 2 during the late-afternoon Über show.[57]

On July 7, 2012 at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center in the province of Bulacan, Myrtle Sarrosa of Iloilo City was declared the winner, earning 33.92% of total net votes. On this particular season on its Big Night, the Vote-to-Save and Vote-to-evict was implemented. Also a first on Pinoy Big Brother history, a set of twins made it in the Big Night having Jai & Joj Agpangan of Bacolod City placing fourth.

The season ran for 91 days and is the longest teen edition by far. This season also has no record of voluntary exits or forced evictions.

Special seasons

All In

Daniel Matsunaga, Pinoy Big Brother: All In Big Winner.

In September 2013, Laurenti Dyogi announced that there will be a fifth season.[58] Auditions were held on October 26, 2013 in Davao, and on November 24, 2013 at the Pacific Mall in Mandaue, Cebu.[59] On November 30, 2013, it was announced that, for the first time in the franchise, there will be online auditions through one-minute video submissions. Online auditions ran from December 1, 2013 until January 15, 2014.[60] An audition for Luzon was held on January 18 at the Pinoy Big Brother Hall in Quezon City.[61]

Auditions for teens were announced alongside with regular season. Auditions took place on October 26, 2013 in Davao City, on November 24, 2013 at the Pacific Mall in Mandaue, Cebu,[59] and on February 1, 2014 at the Pinoy Big Brother Hall in Quezon City.[62] On November 30, 2013, together with fifth regular season, online auditions became available through video submissions.[60]

It aired on April 27, 2014 and featured 19 housemates, and for the first time a mixed housemates combined: teens, celebrities, and ordinary housemates combined.

On August 24, 2014 with 120 days after the season premiere, at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. Daniel Matsunaga emerged as the winner. Other housemates who reached the finale were Maris Racal, Jane Oineza, and Vickie Rushton.

This season was the first in Pinoy Big Brother and the entire Big Brother franchise to feature teens, adults and celebrities in one season competing for the grand prize and the Big Winner title.


On September 5, 2014, the production team behind the show announced that a sixth season is already on its planning stages.[63] There is still no official airing date for this said season, and audition schedules are yet to be announced. Last January 28 they released the teaser video with highlights of the past seasons and editions including the big winners. The logo is inside the zero of the number 10 to celebrate 10 years of Pinoy Big Brother[64]

On February 14, 2015, the show announced that auditions would be in March 2015;[65] it was later announced that the auditions will be held on March 6 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. Other auditions will also be held in several key cities in yet to be announced dates.[66] On February 23, 2015, Toni Gonzaga renewed her contract with her network; in the contract signing, Gonzaga revealed that she will be back to host the show. It was also revealed that the show will air on June 20, 2015.

On August 7, after 50 days, Bailey May, Franco Rodriguez, Jimboy Martin, and Ylona Garcia emerged as the finalists for the first part of the season. They will return later in the season. The second part saw the entrance of the regular housemates.[67] The Teen Big 4 returned on Day 99, September 26, 2015. Two sets of four finalists made it to the finale. On Day 142, this season declared two winners, Miho Nishida for the regular edition, and Jimboy Martin for the teen edition.

Lucky Season 7

The show announced its seventh season last March 30, 2016.[68] On April 3, a Facebook page about Pinoy Big Brother posted a photo of the house and tells its audience to share it for a chance to be an official housemate. The Big Brother staff immediately disowned the promo as fake and reminds its social media followers to always verify their sources.[69] Auditions started on May 21 and lasted until June 26. Like the previous seasons, this season saw the auditions for regular and teen housemates were held together. Online auditions opened for overseas aspirants.[70] On June 29, the show's season title was revealed as Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7.[71] This season will be the third special and thirteenth overall.[72] Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, and Robi Domingo will reprise their roles as hosts. Mariel Rodriguez returns as host after her absence since Teen Clash 2010.[73][74]

On July 2, during the airing of It's Showtime, Big Brother announced that the season will kick off with the entry of celebrity housemates.[75] Other celebrity housemates were announced in various programs in the succeeding days prior to the premiere. On July 5, it was revealed that the show will take place in the Big Brother House in Vietnam.[76]

The show premiered its pilot episode on July 11, 2016.[77] The purpose of their stay in Vietnam is that they need to face Big Brother's "7 Lucky Tasks", wherein if they succeed in five (5) out of the seven lucky tasks, luck will be on a teen housemate's side. And as a bonus, if they pass the sixth out of the seven tasks, their resident houseguest and aspiring housemate, Up Thuy, who grew up in a family of Vietnamese refugees in the Philippines, will officially become a regular housemate.

Their stay in Vietnam lasted for three (3) weeks in the broadcast, perhaps two weeks in the live events. As a result from the seven lucky tasks, they were able to succeed in six (6) of them. With this being said, luck will be on Thuy's and a teen housemate's side. On July 30, 2016, the celebrity housemates returned to the Philippines, this time to finally enter the Pinoy Big Brother house. Shortly after entering the house, Big Brother warned them that only two (2) celebrities will be able to continue their journey to the Big Night and thus, could have a chance of becoming the Big Winner. This is to allot time for the second batch of Lucky Season 7 housemates, the teen housemates.

The seventh teen edition of this season officially started on August 6, 2016. Before the exit of the celebrity housemates, it was revealed that their chosen lucky teen housemate was 19-year old Maymay Entrata from Cagayan de Oro. 16-year old Edward Barber was chosen as the first lucky sun.

The seventh regular edition of this season officially started on October 29, 2016. The remaining 5 teen housemates stayed inside the house until further noticed, Presently lucky celebrities and teens are Jinri Park, McCoy de Leon, Nikko Natividad, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, and Maymay Entrata are on-hold from the Big Brother house.

Other shows

Companion shows

The reality television show had, in total, three companion shows to date. The first one was Pinoy Big Brother Uplate, a late night program of the reality show, and has been one of the most successful companion shows in the entire history of the franchise.[78] It was primarily hosted by Mariel Rodriguez,[78] while Bianca Gonzalez took over the program once the first Teen Edition started, as the former became primetime host. This aired late at night to early morning, Monday to Friday, after the News & Public Affairs programs; and shows some updates, live feeds, and interviews. During the second regular season, the show was replaced by a late afternoon show called Pinoy Big Brother Über. The show would make its return in Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up under the name Pinoy Big Brother: Double UpLate with Bianca Gonzalez as host. After Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, the show was not revived and was eventually replaced by Über.

The Pinoy Big Brother Über was also hosted by Mariel Rodriguez; and often Bianca Gonzalez, this is also the show's interactive portion wherein viewers can participate. The show was originally created as a replacement for UpLate as the show's main offshoot; the two programs would later become the show's co-main offshoots in third regular season. Über did not return for the Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited season because of Mariel's departure from the show, and the new "UnliDay" edition of the show airing counterpart with its normal "UnliNight" edition. Über returned for the fourth teen season as Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 Über 2012 onward with Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo and John Prats.[79] Also in the same Teen season, the show aired on Saturdays, known as SabadUber.

In every season of the local franchise, a short segment update show are aired every day from Mondays to Fridays. The show is called Pinoy Big Brother Update. The show provided daily happenings in the Big Brother house, and introduces what will be shown in the primetime telecast. Mariel Rodriguez used to be the main Update host for the first season up to the first teen season. With the exception of second celebrity season to which Beatriz Saw was seen as the Update host, Bianca Gonzalez has been the Update host, replacing Mariel Rodriguez. Robi Domingo served as a guest host for one week during Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010 as Bianca Gonzalez was then unavailable.

At this time, Pinoy Big Brother: 737 had an improved version as 737 Gold. On the 7th Season of the show 737 Gold was replaced by "PBB Vietnam Mga Kwento ng Celebrity Housemates" during the celebrity housemates stay in Vietnam, "PBB: Mga Kwento ng Teen Housemates" during the duration of the Teen Season, and Lastly it was replace by "PBB Mga Kwento ng mga Housemates ni Kuya" during the Regular entry in the house.

Game shows

Due to the show's popularity, a game show segment was launched by the network and was called Pinoy Big Brother: Yes or No.[3] It was one which uses the board game format and uses questions related to the show as well as ABS-CBN's other primetime soap operas. The show was hosted by Mariel Rodriguez and it promised to give a daily studio contestant up to twenty five thousand pesos. After a week as a segment of the show, it became a separate early afternoon game show on October 24, 2005. This show was terminated after the first season ended.

Another popular game show segment was launched during the first season of Pinoy Big Brother and was called What's the Word? That's the Word!. It was a raffle show hosted by Mariel Rodriguez and aired during commercial breaks at primetime telecast. At first, it started as a trivia game show for Pinoy Big Brother, and then later, it was extended as a trivia game show for the whole Primetime block. The show continued even after Pinoy Big Brother's first year run ended. It later returned as the promotion What's the Word? Guess the Word! This time, however, the promotion is by Smart Communications and it is separate from Pinoy Big Brother.

Talk show

The popularity of the show and its former housemates spawned another show called Pinoy Big Brother Buzz,[3] hosted by actress Anne Curtis, gossip reporter AJ Dee, and comedian Pokwang. Like its parent show The Buzz, the show tackles events and goings-on inside the house, controversy surrounding the show, and the latest gossip about the housemates who were already evicted.[80] The show was cancelled during the run of the Celebrity Edition.

Online shows

In the first special season, a late-night online show called Pinoy Big Brother Uplate Online was introduced.[17] It was hosted by Slater Young, and Joj and Jai Agpangan. In the second special season, Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Online was introduced. It was hosted by Robi Domingo and Bianca Gonzalez and unlike the previous season, it occurred every 7:37 pm.

Spin-off shows

After the first regular season, a spin-off drama adventure series featuring the former housemates was aired for two weeks after Christmas and was called The Final Task.[3] Another spin-off was the romantic reality show, called Melason in Love, was aired after the end of Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up. It was the first reality spin-off show of the franchise.[81] The show focused to Melisa Cantiveros and Jason Francisco's love story which initially developed during the middle of the season. It features behind the scenes footage after the PBB Big Night, few of guesting programs in all ABS-CBN shows, and the struggles of the couple after the end of the season

Reunion specials

On June 4, 2006, a night after the finale of the Teen Edition, a live musical special called Pinoy Big Brother: the Big Reunion was held at the Aliw Theater in the CCP Grounds, Manila, with all the housemates for the first season, the Celebrity Edition, and the Teen Edition gathered in one spot. The show showcased and celebrated the success of the show, especially its greatest moments and accomplishments. This was done to cap off the show's first year on the air.

Two succeeding Big Reunions were held. The first was on June 9, 2008, wherein the housemates of the second Teen Edition, special housemates, and their Guardians took part. The second was on February 14, 2010, this time involving the Double Up housemates. Unlike the first Big Reunion, the gatherings only involved the housemates of each of the two seasons mentioned.

On June 27, 2010, another reunion special called High Five: The Big Five Years of Pinoy Big Brother gathered the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010 Big Six together with several notable housemates from editions past, many from the final group of their season, celebrate the memorable moments from the less than five years of the franchise.[82]


Controversies and criticisms

Like other franchises around the world, the concept and implementation of Pinoy Big Brother has been a subject of controversy and criticism from the Filipino public and the news media. Investigations of some incidents were held by numerous organizations, including Endemol, the franchiser of Big Brother, and TV watchdog MTRCB since its launch in 2005.

Awards and recognitions

Year Awards Nominees Nominated for Result Source
2014 PMPC Star Awards for TV 2014 Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo and John Prats (for Pinoy Big Brother: All In) Best Reality Show Host/s Won [83]
Boomerang Awards Pinoy Big Brother All In Online Bahay ni Kuya (for the Online Big Brother Facebook app) Effectivity category Silver [84]
Campaigns category Bronze
2012 PMPC Star Awards for TV Toni Gonzaga (for Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited) Best Reality/Game Show Host Nominated [85]
Bianca Gonzalez (for Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited) Nominated
Robi Domingo (for Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited) Nominated
2010 PMPC Star Awards for TV Toni Gonzaga (for Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up) Best Reality Program Host Won [86]
Mariel Rodriguez (for Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up) Nominated [87]
Bianca Gonzalez (for Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up) Nominated [87]
2008 USTv Students' Choice Awards Pinoy Big Brother: Season 2 Student’s Choice of Reality Show Won [88]


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