Pietro Gazzera

Pietro Gazzera

Pietro Gazzera (11 December 1879 30 June 1953) was an officer in the Italian Royal Army during World War II, as well as a prewar Italian politician.

Gazzera was born in Bene Vagienna, he joined the Italian Army and fought in the Italo-Turkish War and World War I. He was one of the signatories of the Armistice of Villa Giusti, which ended the war with Austria-Hungary on the Italian Front.

In 1928, starting as the Under-Secretary in the Ministry of War, Gazzera was the Minister of War from 1929 to 1933.[1] From 1 August 1938 to 6 July 1941, Gazzera was the Governor of Galla-Sidamo in Italian East Africa.

General Gazzera commanded forces in the "Southern Sector" (the Galla and Sidamo area around Jimma) during the East African Campaign. Following the fall of Amba Alagi in May 1941, Gazzera succeeded Amedeo, Duke of Aosta as the acting Viceroy and Governor-General of Italian East Africa. After Jimma fell on 21 June, Gazzera staged a mobile defense and held out in Galla-Sidamo for several weeks. His forces finally capitulated in July 1941 when he was cut off by the Free Belgian forces of Major-General Auguste-Éduard Gilliaert.

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Government offices
Preceded by
Amedeo, 3rd Duke of Aosta
(acting) Viceroy and Governor-General
of Italian East Africa

23 May 1941 to 6 July 1941
Succeeded by
Guglielmo Nasi
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