Pierre L'Enfant (painter)

The Lauffeldt Bataille

Pierre L'Enfant (26 August 1704 23 June 1787) was a French painter.[1] He was born in Anet on the 26 August 1704. After studying under Charles Parrocel,[1] he was admitted as an adémicien to the Académie de peinture et de sculpture in 1745. His specialties were battle scenes and landscapes; the most famous of his paintings were those depicting the War of the Austrian Succession: especially a series of panoramas tracing the war in the Low Countries between 1744 and 1748.[1] The Palace of Versailles has four of his paintings, Prise de Menin, Siège de Fribourg, Siège de Tournai, and Siège de Mons.


L'Enfant married Marie Charlotte Luillier. Together, they had:

L'Enfant died in the Gobelins district of Paris in the 23 June 1787.


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