Pierre II, Count of Alençon

Coat of arms of the counts and dukes of Alençon of the House of Valois
Spouse(s) Marie Chamaillart, Viscountess of Beaumont-au-Maine
Noble family House of Valois
Father Charles II of Alençon
Mother Maria de la Cerda
Born 1340
Died 2 September 1404(1404-09-02)
Coat of arms of the counts of Perche.

Peter II of Alençon, called the Noble (1340 20 September 1404, Argentan), was the son of Charles II of Alençon and Maria de la Cerda. He was Count of Alençon from 1361 until his death in 1404 and Count of Perche from 1377 until his death in 1404.

Knighted in 1350, he was one of the hostages exchanged for King John after the Battle of Poitiers, and did not return to France until 1370. He and his brother Robert campaigned against the English in Aquitaine, taking Limoges, but failed to capture Usson (1371).

On 10 October 1371, he married Marie Chamaillart, Viscountess of Beaumont-au-Maine (d. Argentan 18 November 1425). They had eight children:

  1. Marie of Alençon (29 March 13731417), married 1390 in Paris John VII of Harcourt, Count of Harcourt and Aumale (died 1452).
  2. Peter (13741375)
  3. John (13751376)
  4. Marie (1377)
  5. Jeanne (13781403, Argentan)
  6. Catherine (1380, Verneuil 25 June 1462, Paris), married 1411 in Alençon Peter d'Évreux, Infante of Navarre and Count of Mortain (13661412), married 1 October 1413 in Paris Louis VII, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (13651447)
  7. Marguerite (1383 aft. 1400), became a nun at Argentan
  8. John I of Alençon (13851415)

He subsequently fought under Guesclin in Brittany and was wounded before Hennebont, and took part in an expedition against William I of Guelders in 1388.

He also had one illegitimate son:

  1. Peter, "Bastard of Alençon" (d. aft. January 1422), Lord of Aunou
Pierre II, Count of Alençon
Born: 1340 Died: 20 September 1404
Preceded by
Charles III of Alençon
Count of Alençon
1361 1404
Succeeded by
John I of Alençon
Preceded by
Robert of Alençon
Count of Perche
1377 1404
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