Pierre-Joseph Tiolier

Pierre-Joseph Tiolier
Born 1763
London, England
Died 1819
Nationality French
Occupation Engraver
Known for 15th General Engraver of the mint

Pierre-Joseph Tiolier (17 March 1763 – 1819) was a French engraver who was appointed the 15th Engraver-General of France.

Early years

Pierre-Joseph Tiolier was born of French parents in London, England on 17 March 1763, the youngest of at least fourteen children. His family originated in Auvergne and included lawyers, businessmen, doctors, clergymen and civil servants. His father, Joseph Tiolier of Cournon, Auvergne was established as a master confectioner in Lons-le-Saunier in 1840.[1] Pierre-Joseph Tiolier was taught by his brother-in-law, Pierre-Simon-Benjamin Duvivier.[2]


Medallion of James Smithson (1817)

Tiolier was appointed controller of coins at the Paris Mint on 24 Frimaire year IV (14 December 1795). He was named Engraver-General of France by Napoleon, the First Consul, on 11 Germinal year XI (1 April 1803).[1] In 1816 he resigned his position in favor of his son, Nicolas-Pierre Tiolier (1784-1853).[2] In 1817 he was commissioned by the scientist James Smithson to make a bust medallion, which showed Smithson in profile.[3] Pierre-Joseph Tiolier died in 1819.[4]


Coins include:


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