Pierazzo (crater)


Mosaic of Clementine images
Coordinates 3°18′S 100°14′E / 3.3°S 100.24°E / -3.3; 100.24Coordinates: 3°18′S 100°14′E / 3.3°S 100.24°E / -3.3; 100.24
Diameter 9.29 km[1]
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 100° at sunrise
Eponym Elisabetta Pierazzo

Pierazzo is a small lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon. It is located within the north-northwestern section of the immense skirt of ejecta that surrounds the Mare Orientale impact basin. To the south is the Montes Cordillera mountain ring. To the west is the crater Lents.

This crater produced a broad, wispy ray system that extends for more than 100 km in all directions.

The crater was named by the IAU in 2015, after Italian planetary scientist Elisabetta Pierazzo.[1]


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