Piedmontese regional election, 1980

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The Piedmontese regional election of 1980 took place on 8 June 1980.

Christian Democracy resulted narrowly ahead of the Italian Communist Party. After the election, the Italian Communist Party and the Italian Socialist Party decided to continue their political cooperation and formed a coalition government under the leadership of Socialist Enzo Enrietti.

However in 1983 the Socialists switched sides and Aldo Viglione, a Socialist who had been President of the Region from 1975 to 1980, formed a new regional government with the Christian Democrats, the Italian Democratic Socialist Party, the Italian Liberal Party and the Italian Republican Party.


Parties votes votes (%) seats
Christian Democracy 956,356 32.4 20
Italian Communist Party 932,888 31.7 20
Italian Socialist Party 417,763 14.2 9
Italian Democratic Socialist Party 176,412 6.0 3
Italian Liberal Party 174,728 5.9 3
Italian Social Movement 117,724 4.0 2
Italian Republican Party 98,155 3.3 2
Proletarian Unity Party 29,656 1.0 1
Proletarian Democracy 24,998 0.9 -
Others 19,158 0.6 -
Total 2,947,838 100.0 60

Source: Ministry of the Interior

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