Piedmontese regional election, 1975

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The Piedmontese regional election of 1975 took place on 15 June 1975.

Christian Democracy resulted narrowly ahead of the Italian Communist Party, which was the real winner of the election.

After the election, the Italian Socialist Party, which had been a junior partner in the Christian Democrat-led regional government since 1970, switched sides and formed a coalition with the Communists. The new regional government, composed of Communists and Socialists, was led by Socialist Aldo Viglione. Piedmont was thus the first and only Region of the North, along with neighbouring Liguria, to have a left-wing government.


Parties votes votes (%) seats
Italian Communist Party 1,033,342 33.9 22
Christian Democracy 976,794 32.1 20
Italian Socialist Party 393,707 12.9 8
Italian Democratic Socialist Party 224,642 7.4 4
Italian Liberal Party 153,079 5.0 2
Italian Social Movement 130,905 4.3 2
Italian Republican Party 109,333 3.6 2
Proletarian Democracy 24,634 0.8 -
Others 1,128 0.0 -
Total 3,047,564 100.0 60

Source: Ministry of the Interior

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