Pidżama Porno

Pidżama Porno

Pidżama Porno live in Katowice
Background information
Origin Poznań, Pila, Poland
Genres Punk rock, Alternative rock
Years active 1987–1990, 1995–2007 2015-
Labels S.P. Records
Associated acts Strachy na Lachy
Members Grabaż, Kozak, Dziadek, Julo, Kuzyn
Past members Ropuch, Filary, Jacek Kąkolewski

Pidżama Porno (Porno Pyjamas) is a Polish punk rock/reggae/ska band.


The band was founded in December 1987 in Poznań, by Krzysztof "Grabaż" Grabowski and Andrzej "Kozak" Kozakiewicz, students of Adam Mickiewicz University, who originally come from the town of Piła. Two years later they recorded their first material, named Ulice jak stygmaty (Streets Like Stigmata). The band played at the Jarocin Festival and in 1990 went on a tour to Czechoslovakia as the first underground group from Poland.

In 1990 Pidżama Porno recorded their second album Futurista. Although, it was released in 1996, the demo was copied on MC's and shared through the fans. To this day it remains very popular among Polish listeners. Soon afterward the group disbanded, to return in 1995. Their first material recorded after the break, Zamiast burzy (Instead of Storm) was very popular and made the band famous Pidżama Porno started playing numerous concerts across Poland as well as Europe. Their songs were played frequently by various radio stations and subsequent albums confirmed the band's popularity. Also, Grabowski's intelligent lyrics greatly helped establish the group’s position.

In 1996 Pidżama Porno signed a contract with S.P. Records, publisher of Kult (band) and Kazik. Their first achievement was Złodzieje zapalniczek (Thieves of Lighters) published in 1997. In 1998 Pidżama Porno released their next album called Styropian. This album included a song called "Antifa", which has become an anti-racist anthem amongst Polish youth. In 1999 Pidżama Porno re-released Ulice jak stygmaty, titled Ulice jak stygmaty - absolutne rarytasy. In the meantime they had more time to polish their new material, which was published in 2001. The name of their new album was Marchef w butonierce. Many young fans know this band only from the song "Twoja Generacja" ("Your Generation") released as the first single from this album. This is why Grabaż didn't like to play this song. The following two albums Koncertówka part 1 and Koncertówka 2. Drugi szczyt were bootlegs from Pidżama Porno's birthday concerts. In the meantime Grabaz formed a group called Strachy na Lachy. As the time went on, as Strachy na Lachy became popular in the media. Their last studio album was Bulgarskie Centrum (Bulgariam Centre) released in August 2004. In the opinion of fans this was Pidżama Porno's worst album, very similar to Grabaz's newer projects. At that time the band started to consider breaking up, which was announced on 13 July 2007. The band bid goodbye to their fans on their 20th birthday tour and by releasing a concert DVD titled Finalista. Their very last concert song was "Droga na Brześć" ("Road to Brest") from the "Bulgarian Centre", ending with "...Droga na Brześć, 666, trzymaj się, cześć!" ("...Road to Brest, 666, fare well, bye!"). The band reintegrated for the 30th anniversary of the Jarocin Festival and played one more concert on 17 July 2010.

The band consists of:


Studio albums

Year Title Label
1989 Ulice jak stygmaty Lewy Front
1990 Futurista Mami
1994 Zamiast burzy Mami
1997 Złodzieje zapalniczek S.P. Records
1998 Styropian S.P. Records
1999 Ulice jak stygmaty - absolutne rarytasy S.P. Records
2001 Marchef w butonierce S.P. Records
2004 Bulgarskie Centrum S.P. Records
2007 Zlodzieje zapalniczek - reedycja S.P. Records
2009 Styropian - reedycja S.P. Records


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