Pi Sigma Epsilon

Pi Sigma Epsilon
Founded May 14, 1952 (1952-05-14)
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
Type Professional
Scope National
Mission statement The mission of Pi Sigma Epsilon is to develop the sales and marketing skills of its members through experiential learning and professional opportunities.
Colors Amethyst and Gold[1]
Publication Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (JPSSM)
Chapters 58
Headquarters 5217 S 51st St
Greenfield, Wisconsin
Homepage Pi Sigma Epsilon Website

Pi Sigma Epsilon (ΠΣΕ) is a professional fraternity for students and industry professionals in Marketing and Sales Management. It was founded in 1952 at Georgia State University.


Pi Sigma Epsilon was founded at Georgia State University (then Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia) in fall of 1951.[4] The idea of a professional fraternity for the fields of Marketing, Sales Management, and Selling was proposed by educator and businessman Lloyd Antle and advanced by Henry G. Baker and William G. Harris from the College and Lewis F. Gordon, a founder of the Atlanta Sales Executives Club.

The first organizational meeting was on November 1, 1951 and at that meeting the purpose was set out. Alpha Chapter was established at the college on June 2, 1952.[4]


As originally set out:

To create a collegiate brotherhood of men who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales management, and selling as a career and a profession; to promote the study of marketing, sales management, selling and related subjects in colleges and universities; to bring together academically qualified students who express a desire to enter these career fields; to encourage in colleges and universities the establishing of courses preparing men for such careers; to stimulate research and improved methods and techniques in these fields; to install in its members the highest possible ethical standards of the profession.


Chapters include the following. * indicates the chapter is active (as of 2009).[4][1]

Chapter School Year Chartered Affiliated SME/SEC
AlphaGeorgia State University1952SME of Atlanta
BetaUniversity of Utah1953SME of Utah
Gamma *University of Georgia1954SME of Atlanta
DeltaUniversity of Southern Mississippi1956SME of Hattiesburg
EpsilonAuburn University1956SME of Montgomery
Zeta *University of Louisiana-Monroe1957SME of Shreveport
EtaUniversity of Florida1958SME of Jacksonville
ThetaHofstra University1958SME of Long Island
Iota *Arizona State University1958SME of Phoenix
Kappa *Memphis State University1958SME of Memphis
LambdaAdelphi University1958SME of Long Island
MuSt. John's University1959SME of Long Island
NuCity College of New York1960SME of New York
XiLaSalle College1960SME of Philadelphia
Omicron *University at Buffalo1960SME of Buffalo
PiUniversity of Detroit1960SME of Detroit
RhoCalifornia State University-Long Beach1960SME of Long Beach
SigmaNew York University1961SEC of New York
TauUniversity of Puerto Rico1961SME of San Juan
Upsilon *University of Hawaii-Manoa1961SME of Hawaii
PhiCalifornia State University-Los Angeles1961SME of Los Angeles
ChiPace College1961SME of New York
Psi *University of Minnesota1961SME of Minneapolis
OmegaAmerican University1962SME of Washington
Alpha AlphaDetroit Institute of Technology1962SME of Detroit
Alpha Beta *Southern Illinois University1962SME of St. Louis
Alpha GammaGeorgia Institute of Technology1962SME of Atlanta
Alpha DeltaUniversity of Texas-Arlington1962SME of Fort Worth
Alpha EpsilonMarquette University1962SME of Milwaukee
Alpha ZetaVillanova University1963SME of Philadelphia
Alpha EtaMississippi State University1963SME of Jackson
Alpha ThetaUniversity of Mississippi1963SME of Jackson
Alpha IotaUniversity of Evansville1963SME of Evansville
Alpha KappaVirginia Commonwealth University1964SME of Richmond
Alpha LambdaNorthern Arizona University1963SME of Phoenix
Alpha Mu *California State University-Fresno1965SME of Fresno
Alpha NuCity College of New York1964SEC of New York
Alpha XiUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee1965SME of Milwaukee
Alpha OmicronWestern Kentucky University1965SME of Louisville
Alpha Pi *Middle Tennessee State University1965SME of Nashville
Alpha RhoUniversity of South Carolina1966SME of Columbia
Alpha SigmaBoston College1966SME of Boston
Alpha TauSeton Hall University1966SEC of Newark
Alpha UpsilonGannon College1967SME of Erie
Alpha PhiUniversity of Arkansas-Little Rock1967SME of Little Rock
Alpha ChiXavier University1967SME of Cincinnati
Alpha Psi *Nicholls State University1967SME of New Orleans
Alpha Omega *Carthage College1968SME of Kenosha
Beta AlphaRoosevelt University1968SME of Chicago
Beta BetaUniversity of South Florida1969SME of Tampa
Beta Gamma *University of Wisconsin-Whitewater1969SME of Madison
Beta Delta *Texas A&M University-Commerce1969SME of Dallas
Beta EpsilonCleveland State University1969SME of Cleveland
Beta ZetaUniversity of Louisville1970SME of Louisville
Beta EtaSeattle University1970SME of Seattle
Beta ThetaUniversity of Wisconsin-Oshkosh1970SME of NE Wisconsin
Beta IotaUniversity of Southern California1971SME of Los Angeles
Beta KappaCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona1971SME of Los Angeles
Beta LambdaUniversity of New Haven1971SME of New Haven
Beta MuBoise State University1971SME of Boise
Beta NuRobert Morris College1971SME of Pittsburgh
Beta Xi *Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge1971SME of New Orleans
Beta OmicronUniversity of Tulsa1971SME of Tulsa
Beta PiUniversity of Houston1971SME of Houston
Beta RhoLinfield College1972SME of Portland
Beta SigmaUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis1972SME of St. Louis
Beta TauUniversity of Tennessee-Chattanooga1972SME of Chattanooga
Beta UpsilonWeber State College1972SME of Utah
Beta Phi *University of Alabama1972SME of Birmingham
Beta ChiBowie State College1972SME of Washington
Beta PsiSam Houston State University1973SME of Houston
Beta OmegaNorthern Kentucky University1972SME of Cincinnati
Gamma AlphaCalifornia State University-Fullerton1974SME of Orange Cty
Gamma BetaUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside1974SME of Kenosha
Gamma Gamma *Miami University-Ohio1975SME of Dayton
Gamma DeltaOregon State University-Corvallis1975SME of Portland
Gamma Epsilon *DePaul University1975SME of Chicago
Gamma Zeta *Northern Illinois University1975SME of Rockford
Gamma EtaLouisiana State University-Shreveport1975SME of Shreveport
Gamma ThetaWichita State University1978SME of Wichita
Gamma IotaMinnesota State University-Moorhead1978SME of Fargo
Gamma Kappa *University of Akron1978SME of Akron
Gamma LambdaGeorgia Southern College1978SME of Atlanta
Gamma MuLouisiana Tech University1979SME of Shreveport
Gamma Nu *Ohio State University1980SME of Columbus
Gamma Xi *Appalachian State University1980SME of Charlotte
Gamma OmicronUniversity of North Carolina-Charlotte1980SME of Charlotte
Gamma PiMississippi College1981SME of Jackson
Gamma RhoFurman University1981SME of Greenville
Gamma SigmaSouth Carolina State College1982
Gamma Tau *University at Albany1982SME of Albany
Gamma UpsilonIowa State University1983SME of Des Moines
Gamma Phi *Texas A&M University1983SME of Houston
Gamma Chi *University of Louisiana-Lafayette1983SME of Baton Rouge
Gamma PsiTarleton State University1983SME of Fort Worth
Gamma OmegaKansas State University1984SME of Topeka
Delta AlphaUniversity of Alabama-Birmingham1985SME of Birmingham
Delta BetaUniversity of St. Thomas1985SME of Minn./St. Paul
Delta GammaKennesaw College1986SME of Atlanta
Delta DeltaUniversity of Central Florida1986SME of Orlando
Delta Epsilon *Virginia Polytechnic University1986SME of Roanoke
Delta ZetaUniversity of Iowa1986SME of Central Iowa
Delta EtaUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro1986SME of Greensboro
Delta ThetaSyracuse University1987SME of C. New York
Delta IotaTemple University1987SME of Philadelphia
Delta Kappa *Baylor University1987SME of Dallas
Delta LambdaFlorida State University1987SME of Jacksonville
Delta MuUniversity of South Dakota1988SME of Sioux Falls
Delta NuUniversity of Tampa1988SME of Tampa
Delta Xi *University of Tennessee-Martin1989SME of Nashville
Delta Omicron *Alverno College1989SME of Milwaukee
Delta PiBowling Green State University1990SME of Cleveland
Delta Rho *James Madison University1990SME of Richmond
Delta SigmaUniversity of Minnesota-Duluth1990SME of Minn./St. Paul
Delta Tau *University of North Carolina at Wilmington1991SME of Cape Fear
Delta UpsilonValdosta State College1991SME of Jacksonville
Delta PhiHarding University1991SME of Little Rock
Delta ChiDuquesne University1991SME of Pittsburgh
Delta PsiCatawba College1991SME of Salisbury
Delta Omega *Illinois State University1992SME of Chicago
Epsilon AlphaOld Dominion University1993SME of Tidewater
Epsilon BetaMeredith College1993SME of Raleigh
Epsilon GammaUniversity of North Texas1993SME of Fort Worth
Epsilon Delta *University of Toledo1994SME of Detroit
Epsilon Epsilon *Ball State University1994SME of Fort Wayne
Epsilon ZetaCalifornia State University-East Bay1995SME of Bay Area
Epsilon EtaMillersville University1995SME of Lancaster
Epsilon Theta *University of Northern Iowa1996SME of Des Moines
Epsilon IotaUniversity of San Diego1996SME of Los Angeles
Epsilon KappaBelmont University1996SME of Nashville
Epsilon Lambda *Purdue University1998SME of Fort Wayne
Epsilon Mu *University of Cincinnati1999SME of Cincinnati
Epsilon Nu *College of St. Catherine2001SME of Minn./St. Paul
Epsilon XiSt. Bonaventure University2004SME of Buffalo/Ngra
Epsilon OmicronIndiana University2004
Epsilon PiUniversity of Central Arkansas2004SME of Little Rock
Epsilon RhoSouthern University2005SME of Baton Rouge
Epsilon Sigma *William Paterson University2005SME of Eastern NY
Epsilon Tau *Norfolk State University2005
Epsilon UpsilonWilkes University2005SME of Lancaster
Epsilon Phi *Elon University2005
Epsilon Chi *Tuskegee University2007
Epsilon Psi *Florida A&M University2005SME of Tampa
Epsilon Omega *University of Connecticut2006
Zeta Alpha *Cornell University2007
Zeta BetaSacramento City College2007
Zeta Gamma *CUNY Baruch2008
Zeta Delta *Pennsylvania State University2008
Zeta Epsilon *University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire2008
Zeta Zeta *The College of New Jersey2009
Zeta Eta *Widener University2009
Zeta Theta
Zeta Iota
Zeta KappaUniversity of Missouri
Zeta LambdaWinston-Salem State University
Zeta MuNortheastern University
Zeta NuCentral Michigan University
Zeta XiKent State University
Zeta OmicronWinona State University
Zeta PiNorth Carolina A&T University
Zeta RhoBryant University
Zeta SigmaRadford University
Zeta Tau
Zeta Upsilon
Zeta PhiUniversity of North Alabama
Zeta ChiUniversity of California, Berkeley
Zeta PsiRider University
Zeta OmegaSan Diego State University
Eta AlphaThe Citadel
Eta BetaMichigan State University
Eta GammaUniversity of Maryland2015
Eta DeltaUniversity of Dayton


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