Philipp I, Count of Katzenelnbogen

Philipp I of Katzenelnbogen
Born 1402
Died 1479
Spouse Anna of Württemberg
Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg
Father Johann IV, Count of Katzenelnbogen
Mother Anne of Katzenelnbogen

Philipp I of Katzenelnbogen (14021479), also known "Philipp the Elder" was Count of Katzenelnbogen from 1444 to 1479 and was the last male descendant of the Counts of Katzenelnbogen (his two sons died before him). His parents were Johann IV, Count of Katzenelnbogen (younger line) and Anne of Katzenelnbogen (older line), who merged the two lines of the family back together in 1402.

Marriage and issue

Philip married on 24 February 1422 in Darmstadt Anna of Württemberg (1408–1471), daughter of Eberhard IV "the Younger" of Württemberg. In 1456, he obtained from the Pope a divorce a mensa et thoro. In 1474 Philip married Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg.

Philipp had three children with his first wife:


Philipp's sons Eberhard and Philipp the younger died before his death, so when Philpp died in 1479, the Katzenelnbogen died out in the male line. The County of Katzenelnbogen fell to the Landgraviate of Hesse, which was ruled at the time by Philip's son-in-law Henry III of Hesse in Marburg.

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