Philip II, Count of Nevers

Philip II, Count of Nevers

Coat of arms of the county of Nevers
Spouse(s) Isabelle de Coucy
Bonne of Artois
Noble family Valois-Burgundy
Father Philip the Bold
Mother Margaret III of Flanders
Born October 1389
Died 25 October 1415 (aged 2526)

Phillip II, Count of Nevers (October 1389, Villaines-en-Duesmois 25 October 1415, Agincourt) was the youngest son of Philip the Bold and Margaret III of Flanders.[1]

He succeeded his brothers, John the Fearless and Anthony, Duke of Brabant, as Count of Nevers and Rethel respectively after each of them acceded to their duchies.

He married in Soissons on 9 April 1409 Isabelle de Coucy (d. 1411), daughter of Enguerrand VII de Coucy. They had two children:

  1. Philip (1410 1411/aft. 1415)
  2. Margaret (14111411/12)

He married again, in Beaumont-en-Artois on 20 June 1413, Bonne of Artois, daughter of Philip of Artois, Count of Eu.[2] They had two sons:

  1. Charles I, Count of Nevers (14141464)[2]
  2. John II, Count of Nevers (bef. 1415 1491)

He also had four illegitimate children by various mistresses.

In spite of his elder brother John's ambivalent position and ultimate refusal to come to the aid of the royal army in the face of the English invasion of Henry V in 1415, Philip was with the French army at the Battle of Agincourt, and both he and his brother Anthony were killed in the battle. He was succeeded by his son Charles.


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Philip II, Count of Nevers
Cadet branch of the House of Valois
Born: October 1389 Died: 25 October 1415
Preceded by
John the Fearless
Count of Nevers
Succeeded by
Charles I
Preceded by
Count of Rethel
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