Philip Dietrich, Count of Waldeck

Philip Dietrich, Count of Waldeck
Spouse(s) Maria Magdalena of Nassau-Siegen
Noble family House of Waldeck
Father Wolrad IV, Count of Waldeck
Mother Anna of Baden-Durlach
Born (1614-11-02)2 November 1614
Died 7 December 1645(1645-12-07) (aged 31)

Philip Dietrich (also known as Philip Theodore) (2 November 1614 in Arolsen 7 December 1645 in Korbach), was the ruling Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg from 1640 until his death.


He was the son of Count Wolrad IV of Waldeck-Eisenberg and his wife Anna of Baden-Durlach, heir to the Lordship of Cuylenburg in today's Netherlands. In 1639 in Culemborg, he married Countess Maria Magdalena of Nassau-Siegen. With her, he had several children, including his successor Henry Wolrad. Another son, Florent William died as a child. His daughter Amalie Catherine married George Louis I, Count of Erbach-Erbach.


From the inheritance claims of his mother's, Philip Dietrich received the Lordships of Kinsweiler, Engelsdorf, Frechen and Bachem in the Eifel area. He made several journeys to France and served in the Dutch army for a long time.

In 1639, Count Floris of Pallandt died, the holder of the Lordships of Cuylenburg, Werth, Pallandt and Wittem. Philip Dietrich inherited these possions via his mother. In 1640, he inherited Waldeck-Eisenberg. He alternated his residence between Eisenberg Castle[1] and Culemborg. He fought a protracted legal battle about his mother's claims in the Eiffel. In the end, he did not receive them, but had to accept a monetary compensation.



  1. The castle had been vandalized during the Thirty Years' War. However, by the time Philip Dietrich inheritd it, it had been restored to the point that it was habitable again

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