Philibert, Margrave of Baden-Baden

Philibert of Baden

Margrave Philibert of Baden
Spouse(s) Mechthild of Bavaria
Noble family Zähringen
Father Bernhard III, Margrave of Baden-Baden
Mother Franziska of Luxembourg
Born (1536-01-22)22 January 1536
Died 3 October 1569(1569-10-03) (aged 33)

Margrave Philibert of Baden (22 January 1536, in Baden-Baden 3 October 1569, in Montcontour) ruled the Margraviate of Baden-Baden from 1554 to 1569. Philibert was the son of the Margrave Bernhard III, Margrave of Baden-Baden and Franziska of Luxembourg.

Philibert spent part of his youth at the court of Duke William IV of Bavaria in Munich. William, who later became his father-in-law, was known for his strict Catholic perspective and brought the Jesuits to Bavaria. Margrave Philibert was a supporter of Protestantism and converted to it, undeterred by his father-in-law. In 1555 he took part in the negotiations that resulted in the Peace of Augsburg. In 1565 he wanted to come to the aid of the Huguenots in France with 1,500 men. Emperor Maximilian II, however, told him not to do so and Philibert acquiesced.

In 1566, Philibert served in the Imperial army, fighting in Hungary against Sultan Suleiman I. In 1569 he even fought against the Huguenots. He fought on the side of King Charles IX of France, the son in law of Emperor Maximilian II.

Philibert was killed on 3 October 1569 in the Battle of Moncontour against the Huguenots, which the French king won. According to his friend, Heinrich von Stein, he left the battlefield alive and was then pursued by the Huguenots to a castle on the Spanish border, where they caught up with him and killed him. He left a 10-year-old son, Philip who succeeded him as Margrave Philip II. Philip II had an older sister Jakobea and two younger sisters. Philibert's uncle Albert V brought the siblings to Munich and raised them there.

Margrave Philibert was a Protestant, but he was very tolerant in matters of faith. He gave his subjects freedom of religion and he even married a Catholic, Mechthild of Bavaria.

Marriage and issue

Philibert married on 17 January 1557 Mechthild of Bavaria (born: 14 June 1532; died: 2 November 1565), daughter of the Duke William IV of Bavaria. They had five children:


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Philibert, Margrave of Baden-Baden
Born: 22 January 1536 Died: 3 October 1569
Preceded by
Bernhard III
Margrave of Baden-Baden
Succeeded by
Philip II
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