McPhilbin or Philbin
Irish name: Mac Philbín
Ethnicity Irish, Norman
Current region Connacht, Ireland
Place of origin Co. Mayo & Co. Galway[1]
Members John MacPhilbín
Connected families Burke clan, Bourke, de Burgh, Phillips, McWilliams, Gibbons
Name origin and meaning patronymic form meaning "family of Philip"
Surnames are of different origin.

Philbin or McPhilbin (Irish name: Mac Philbín) are Irish surnames, which is a patronymic form meaning "family of Philip".

The clan is of Norman origin, and is one of the Hibernicised branches of the Burke clan. Some would have later dropped the prefix.[2] The clan descends from John MacPhilbín, son of Little Philip de Burgh and Grandson of William de Burgh, "of Athanchip". This was the Connacht Burke clan, who from the 14th century were prominent in Co. Mayo. Historian John O'Donovan, in the Annals of the Four Masters, lists MacPhilbín as one of the chiefs of the district then known as Síol Anmchadha in east Galway. He also claims there are two sept one in Co. Mayo and other in Co. Galway.[3] The surname is also common in Co. Sligo.

In Connacht, Phillips is an Anglicisation of McPhilbin. Phillips was used interchangeably with MacPhillips, but later dropped the Mc/Mac prefix.[4][5][6][7][8]



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