Philadelphia University (Jordan)

Philadelphia University
جامعة فيلادلفيا

Philadelphia logo
Motto الطريق إلى المستقبل
Motto in English
The Way To The Future
Type Private
Established 1989 (1989)
President Prof. Marwan Kamal
Academic staff
Students 6000
Location Amman, Jordan

Philadelphia University is a university in Amman, Jordan.

Philadelphia Private University was established in 1989 as a national higher educational institution. The university is located 20 km to the north of Amman, on the road to Jerash. Philadelphia University has eight faculties and a student body of more than six thousand students. Its academic staff consists of over 300 faculty members, who hold degrees from a wide range of distinguished universities.

Name and Significance

The name "Philadelphia" is derived from the cultural heritage of Jordan. It is the former name of Amman, given to it by Ptolemaeus Philadelphus in the year 285 B.C. This phase of the history of Jordan is captured in the Hellenistic columns in the university's logo. The flag places the logo on a white background.[1]

Educational System for Undergraduate Studies

PU follows the credit-hour system. The academic year consists of two regular semesters, and an optional summer session: The Fall Semester: Early October to mid-January. The Spring Semester: Early February to early June. The Summer Session: Late June to late August. Medium of Instruction: English and Arabic. Philadelphia University awards B.A and B.Sc. degrees in eight different faculties. The normal academic load for students Ranges between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester.[2]


The University is ranked 1994 worldwide,[3] and 31 in the Arab world,[4] and 4 on the level of all Jordanian universities and the first in the Jordanian private universities.[5] According to the Webometrics Rating.

Faculties and Departments

Philadelphia University is currently organized in 8 faculties:[6]

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering was found out from the beginning of establishing the university. It contains 24 laboratories provided with the latest devices and technology.

The Faculty of Engineering is divided into five departments:

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Law

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