Philadelphia Mobile Food Association

Gary Koppelman, Publisher of Mobile Food News & President of USA Mobile Commissary, Inc. came up with the idea of launching the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association. Mr. Koppelman presented the idea to co-founders Dan Pennachietti[1] and Pennachietti recruited Andrew Gerson.[2] the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association (PMFA) provides organizational, legal, and advertising support to food truck owners operating in the Philadelphia area.[1] Through a communal approach, the organization's greatest ambition is to construct a strong voice when working with regulations established by Philadelphia's departments of Licenses & Inspections and Health.[3]

With financial assistance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the association began in January and February 2012. Within eight months of its emanation, PMFA already had 73 members.[1]

In order to join, interested food truck owners must pay a membership fee ranging from $150–500.[1] Additionally, a prospective member must operate a food truck, be interested in owning a food truck, or be involved in the business of assisting mobile food operators.[2]


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