Peyveste Hanımefendi

Peyveste Hanım
پیوسته خانم
Empress consort of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 24 January 1893 - 27 April 1909
Born Rabia Emuhvari
10 May 1873
Pitsunda, Georgia, Russian Empire
Died c. 1943 (aged 6970)
Paris, France
Burial Bobigny cemetery, Paris
Spouse Abdul Hamid II
Issue Şehzade Abdurrahim Hayri
Full name
Turkish: Peyveste Hanım
English: Paiwasta Khanum
Ottoman Turkish: پیوسته خانم
House House of Emukhvari (by birth)
House of Osman (by marriage)
Father Osman Emkhaa
Mother Hesna Çaabalurhva
Religion Sunni Islam

Peyveste Hanım (10 May 1873 - c. 1943; Ottoman Turkish: پیوسته خانم) was the Empress consort of Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire.


Empress Peyveste Hanım was born on 10 May 1873 in Pitsunda, Abkhazia and was a member of the Abkhazian dynasty, Emkhaa. Born as Rabia Emukhaa, she was the youngest daughter of Prince Osman Bey Emkhaa and his wife Princess Hesna Hanım Çaabalurhva, an Abkhazian.[1] She had an elder brother Prince Ahmed Bey Emukhmari and three elder sisters, Princess Eda Hanım, Princess Nurhayat Hanım and Princess Mahşeref Hanım (wife of Prince Mehmed Refik Bey Achba and the mother of Princess Leyla Achba). She had green eyes, and long brunette hair for much of her life.

In 1877, during the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78), her family emigrated from the Caucasus to Istanbul, where she was delivered at the court of the Ottoman Sultan. First, she was given to serve Empress Nazikeda Kadın, first wife of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and mother of Princess Ulviye Sultan, and was renamed Peyveste. She was then given the position of the Baş Hazinedar Kadın (Head Treasurer) of Abdul Hamid's harem. However, soon Abdul Hamid took notice of Peyveste, and they married on 24 January 1893 in the Yıldız Palace, the Sultan's residence at the time.

On 14 August 1894, she gave birth to Prince Şehzade Abdurrahim Hayri.[2] Upon the birth of their son, Abdul Hamid II ordered the building of a small palace for his young wife. However, Peyveste had not succeeded in binding the sultan to her, and already in 1896, Abdul Hamid II had moved to another young lady. Soon, he made his new favorite Empress Pesend Hanım his eleventh wife. Peyveste, disappointed in her husband, retreated from the court life and dedicated herself to the upbringing of her son. Among Abdul Hamid's wife she was closest to Empress Sazkar Hanım.

During the 1908 Young Turk Revolution that overthrew her husband's autocratic rule and restored constitutional monarchy, Peyveste, who already was raised to a rank of "Peyveste Ikinci Ikbal", followed her husband in exile. One year later, she returned to Istanbul with her son and bought a mansion in Şişli and took the former Empress Sazkar Hanım along. In 1924, she went into a second exile and lived with her son first in Naples and Rome, and later in Paris, where she died in 1943. The former Empress Peyveste was buried in the Muslim cemetery at Bobigny in Paris.[3][4]


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