Petter Chamor

Petter Chamor
Halakhic texts relating to this article
Torah: Exodus 13:13 and Exodus 34:20
Babylonian Talmud: Bekhorot 5b

The Petter Chamor (Hebrew: פטר חמור) or Redemption of the firstborn donkey, is a mitzvah in Judaism in which a male firstborn (bechor) donkey is redeemed by the owner of the donkey giving a lamb or kid to a Kohen.[1] The lamb is not required to be firstborn.

The mitzvah, albeit rare in modern times, is listed as an "obligation of the body" [2] and thus mandatory for diasporic jewry.


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  2. ("chovath haguf" vs. "chovath hakarka" -an obligation required solely on one of the land of Israel)
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