Petit Eva: Evangelion@School

Petit Eva: Evangelion@School
(Puchi Eva ~Evangerion Atto Sukūru~)
Genre Comedy, Parody
Petit Eva
Illustrated by Ryūsuke Hamamoto
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Shōnen Ace
Original run May 26, 2007September 26, 2009
Volumes 2
Petit Eva Bokura Tanken Dōkōkai
Illustrated by Maki Ozora
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Kerokero Ace
Original run October 21, 2007July 2009
Volumes 1
Original net animation
Directed by Shunichirō Miki (ep 1–9)
Hiroaki Sakurai (ep 10–24)
Studio Kanaban Graphics (ep 1–9)
Xebec (ep 10–24)
Released March 20, 2007 2007
Runtime 3 minutes
Episodes 24

Petit Eva: Evangelion@School (Japanese: ぷちえゔぁ〜EVANGELION@SCHOOL〜 Hepburn: Puchi Eva ~Evangerion Atto Sukūru~) is a super-deformed-style parody series based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. First published in Shōnen Ace, it was adapted into a series of 3D CGI ONAs in 2007. There is no dialogue in the series. Another manga titled Petit Eva Bokura Tanken Dōkōkai (ぷちえゔぁ ぼくら探検同好会 lit. Petit Eva Explorers Club) was published by Kadokawa Shoten and released in Kerokero Ace magazine.


The series is a parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which the entire cast of the original series are now everyday students going to junior high school together at Tokyo-3; similar to the manga Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days. The series features three "Rei sisters": one is a child younger than the rest based on "Rei 1", the second is based on "Rei 2" (the Rei seen for most of the normal series), and the third Rei is actually based on the hyperactive and klutzy "Alternate Rei" seen in the alternate-reality dream sequence from the final episode of the original series). Further, Evangelion Unit 01 itself is one of their classmates, but this time as a human-sized robot.



The manga was illustrated by Ryusuke Hamamoto and was published by Kadokawa Shoten in Shōnen Ace magazine. Serialization began on May 26, 2007 and ended on September 26, 2009. The series has also been published in Newtype, Dengeki Hobby Magazine, and Figure Oh.[1]


The ONA adaptation was initially directed by Shunichirō Miki and produced by Kanaban Graphics. However, since episode 10, the series has been directed by Hiroaka Sakurai and produced by Xebec.

No. Title Original release
1 "Going To School"
"Gakkō ni Iku" (学校に行く) 
March 20, 2007
Shinji sits down to have lunch at school, but then Eva-01 sits down next to him and begins eating a "lunch" consisting of batteries. Eva-01 notices Shinji's lunch, and Shinji offers it a piece. Eva-01 likes it and, in return, insists that Shinji eat one of the batteries from its lunch. To be polite, Shinji swallows the battery, but this encourages Eva-01 to then swap their lunch boxes entirely, and to continue to be polite, Shinji chokes down the rest of the batteries. Shinji is then shown leaving a bathroom stall with an extremely pained expression. 
2 "Cleaning Time"
"Osōji no Jikan" (お掃除の時間) 
March 28, 2007
Shinji, Eva-01, Asuka, and Rei 2 are sweeping and mopping the classroom. As soon as Principal Gendo leaves the room, the children start playing: Asuka throws her wet towel at Shinji who bats it back to her using his broom, while Eva-01 cheers them on (Rei 2 keeps silently working). Every time Gendo comes back into the room, they instantly stop and switch back to cleaning quietly. Suspicious, Gendo keeps opening the door to the classroom again and again with increasing frequency, each time the children playing when the door is closed and cleaning when its open. Eventually, Gendo opens and closes the door so fast that the children accidentally switch it up; playing when Gendo is in the open doorway and cleaning when its closed. Without saying anything, Gendo leaves with the door closed, with the children unwittingly cleaning even though no one is watching them. In another version of the episode it is shown that Principal Gendo is really trying to give flowers to Rei 2 (Even though he's married to Yui Ikari), but chickens out at every attempt to give her the flowers. 
3 "Friendship"
"Yūjō" (友情) 
March 20, 2008
Rei 2 wakes up and gets ready to go to school, using an automatic waffle-iron like machine to instantly dress herself. Unfortunately, she makes a wrong turn on the way to school and ends up near a forest. Meanwhile, Shinji is on his way to school, but a giant bird perches on a power line Shinji is standing under, and defecates on Shinji, burying him in a pile of excrement taller than he is. Rei 2 then runs like the wind to get to school on time, zipping by Shinji so fast that the shockwave blasts all of the excrement off of him and making him clean again. Rei 2 then arrives at school, which pops out of the ground (like Tokyo-3) at the push of a button on the gate. 
4 "Found It"
"Hirotta" (拾った) 

As a train rushes through Tokyo-3, Sachiel appears in the city and runs about, causing much havoc. By chance, one of Eva-01's thrown boogies hits Sachiel in the face; angered, the Angel charges to the school and confronts Eva-01. Although Eva-01 is briefly put at a disadvantage by running out of power, Asuka and Shinji are able to recharge and super-size their friend. Outmatched, Sachiel attempts to flee, but Eva-01 seizes it, mashes it into a ball shape, and hurls it away.

Elsewhere, Rei 1 is walking by the river when Sachiel lands in front of her, having somehow transformed into a small, lifeless plush doll. After washing the bogey off of its head, Rei 1 takes Sachiel home and hangs it on a laundry line to dry. 
5 "Youth Time"
"Seishun no Jikan" (青春の時間) 
While walking to school, Shinji falls down a deep hole, leading to an underground cavern where Eva-01 is practicing fight moves. Embarrassed, Eva-01 proceeds to chase Shinji: each of them digs tunnels very fast as they chase each other through the ground (possibly a reference to Gainax's other series, Gurren Lagann). They then start repeatedly popping their heads above the surface like rabbits, with Shinji continuing to try to evade Eva-01. However, at the end Shinji's head pops out of the ground, directly underneath Asuka, resulting in his getting a full view up her skirt. Shocked, Asuka jumps away, only to then stand directly on top of Eva-01's hole, giving Eva-01 an unintended look right up her skirt. Outraged, she flings them both across the schoolyard. Both are injured, but instead of continuing to fight Shinji, Eva-01 gives him a "thumbs up" salute (at getting a look at Asuka's panties), which Shinji returns with a thumbs up back to Eva-01. 
6 "Gym Time"
"Taisō no Jikan" (体操の時間) 
In the first short, teacher Misato throws chalk at Shinji for sleeping in class.In the second short, Rei passes a note in class to Shinji. He believes that it is a love letter, but instead, it's a note saying that Principal Ikari wants to see him after at the end of the day. In the third short, Shinji and Eva-01 compete over giving a bicycle ride to Rei. Then Asuka runs them all over with her own bicycle. 
7 "Who Is That?"
"Dare da?" (誰だ?) 
July 11, 2008
Shinji, Asuka, and Rei 2 are walking through Tokyo-3 to get to school, and along the way are joined by Eva-01. A mysterious stranger wearing a ghost costume (a sheet with eye holes cut out) follows the children. When they get to school, the stranger tries to scare them by repeatedly popping up in their path and waving his arms like a ghost, but is ignored by the children. Meanwhile, little Rei 1 is happy because she has a 1,000 yen note and is going to a bakery to buy a dessert cake. Unfortunately, when she gets there the baker tells her that the cake actually costs 1,050 yen. Rei 1 is upset and begins to cry, but then the mysterious stranger wearing the ghost sheet costume walks in. The "ghost" puts a 50 yen coin on the counter, then quickly leaves. Rei 1 leaves happily with her cake, then notices the stranger in the ghost costume and follows him. He tries to tell her to go away and leave, but Rei 1 steps on his sheet as he walks away. This makes his costume fall off, and reveals that the "ghost" is actually Kaworu. 
8 "Romance?"
"Romansu kaa" (ロマンスかぁ) 
9 "Letter-writing Time"
"Otegami no Jikan" (お手紙の時間) 
10 "Gym Time -Finishing Up-"
"Taisō no jikan -Hokan-" (体操の時間―補完―) 
A parallel to Episode 6, featuring Shinji and Eva-01 attempting to give Asuka a ride on their respective bicycles. She rejects both of them, prompting both to begin offering rides to Rei 2, who is walking some distance behind Asuka. Left alone, Asuka sits near the river and begins playing with her pocket computer, only to be hit in the face by Rei 2's pocket computer when she, Eva-01, and Shinji ride by. Enraged, Asuka leaps aboard her own bicycle and rams Eva-O1, dropping all three of them in a heap. Not satisfied with this, Asuka wheels around and runs over her classmates, giving a cheer of victory. 
11 "Three sisters"
"Sanshimai" (三姉妹) 
Shinji, Rei 2, Asuka, and Eva-01 leave school at the end of the day. Eva-01 remembers that it left something in the building and leaves. Shinji then explains in flashback that while in school, he encountered someone wearing a full-body ghost costume with a zipper in the back, who motioned for him to finish zipping it up. Instead he unzipped it, to reveal that Misato was inside. Meanwhile, Rei 2 continues on her way home, but on her way through a forest she encountered a child completely covered in mud, who collapses. Rei 2 brings the child home and washes the mud off in the bath, revealing that it is another Rei clone. Rei 2 puts the new Rei 3 into her waffle-iron clothes machine, and she pops out wearing the yellow cardigan outfit that Rei does in the Alternate Universe from episode 26 of the original series. The three Reis (it turns out that Rei 1 also lives with Rei 2) then eat breakfast together. 
12 "Beat Up"
"Bokoboko" (ボコボコ) 
Two background children are getting picked on by Zeruel. Unable to retaliate, they flee into the school. Shinji is reading and Eva-01 is picking his non-existent nose. The two children run into the room, asking Eva-01 to beat up Zeruel for them. Eva-01 agrees, and asks Shinji to accompany him. The two go out to search for Zeruel, but Eva-01 shortly leaves Shinji to fight Zeruel for him. Knowing that Shinji cannot fight, he shamefully walks home, but bumps into Zuruel a few steps forward. Shinji flees in fear, with Zuruel giving chase. Both fall into a hidden hole that leads into a cavern in which Eva-01 is practicing boxing moves. Knowing Shinji has already been into his cave before, he targets Zeruel instead. The both exchange glares, and Eva-01 opens the fight by picking his non-existent nose. He scores gold, and two boogers appear on his fingers. Zeruel attempts to fight back, but his wide-spread "hands" are too big to fit into his nostrils. Unable to retaliate, he flees, and Eva-01 gives chase with the boogers. Both appear in the school-courtyard, with Zeruel still fleeing. Eva-01 flicks the boogers at the latter. Fortunately for Zeruel, the Angel trips on a pebble, and the boogers barely pass over his back. The two projectiles are now aimed at an unaware Asuka and Rei 2. Rei 2 quickly reacts and tosses tissues into the air, catching the boogers before they can make contact. They land harmlessly into a trashcan. Surprised, Eva-01 runs up beside Zeruel. Rei 2 scolds Eva-01 that if it ever has boogers again, it is to wipe its nose and put it in a trashcan. Embarrassed, Eva-01 scratches his head, and Zeruel falls in love with Rei 2 for saving him. 
13 "Nap Time"
"Inemuri no Jikan" (いねむりの時間) 
14 "Cleaning Time -Finishing Up-"
"Osōji no jikan -Hokan-" (お掃除の時間―補完―) 
15 "Ikari"
"Ikari" (いかり) 
At school, Shinji, Rei 2, and Asuka are watching Eva-01 as it balances three spinning plates on sticks (one in each hand and one on its foot) and a beach ball on its nose. Eva-01 offers for Shinji to try too. Shinji is reluctant because it is difficult, but Eva-01 insists. Shinji barely manages to keep all three spinning plates from falling, but when Eva-01 adds the beach ball to his head, he can't control it and it goes shooting off. The beach ball lands on Principal Gendo's head. The other children run away in fear, while Shinji remains frozen. Gendo glares at him, but otherwise leaves without scolding him, to Shinji's relief. Elsewhere, Rei 3 waves at the person wearing the "ghost" sheet (secretly Kaworu) as he walks out of a store in town. Later that afternoon, Shinji returns home to find Yui Ikari preparing dinner (as in the Alternate Universe, Shinji, Yui, and Gendo live together, but Gendo is the school Principal and still doesn't get along very well with Shinji). Gendo enjoys a bath as Shinji tells Yui about the beach ball incident in school today. Gendo then comes in and tells him to go to bed, which Yui agrees to. Gendo then sits at his desk in the dark in Shinji's room and reminisces back to when Shinji was a toddler and he and Yui took Shinji on a picnic in a field filled with flowers. Toddler-Shinji asks Gendo for an onigiri from their picnic basket, and Gendo gives him one. 
16 "New Toy"
"Shin Omocha" (新おもちゃ) 
17 "Lunch Break Time"
"Ohiruyasumi no Jikan" (お昼休みの時間) 
18 "Youth Time -Finishing Up-"
"Seishun no Jikan -Hokan-" (青春の時間―補完―) 
19 "Friend"
"Tomodachi" (ともだち) 
20 "You're late!"
"Osoi!" (おそい!) 
Shinji is walking in a desert, dying of thirst. He looks up to see a house, he enters it and there is a dripping faucet. The faucet turns on and floods the house. Shinji then tries to walk into another room, where he is pushed back by a hand, which then tells him to wait. A foot comes through the curtain, wiggling its toes at Shinji, then a large hand poking him. A scary face goes through the curtain and gets close to Shinji before screaming at him. Shinji waits in the house and brown liquid fills the room he is in and then disappears back under the curtain. A small cat walks out and tells him he can go into the room now. In the room, Shinji finds a cello and begins to play it, he hears music from the other room, a wall drops down and it's Kaworu, Rei and Asuka all playing violins. 
21 "Tea Shop"
"Chamise" (ちゃみせ) 
It's raining and Rei 2 is at home. She calls Rei 1 and 3 to eat but no one answers. She sits at the table waiting for them. Rei 1 is at a playground staring at a puddle. Rei 3 is near the playground performing tricks with her umbrella. Rei 3 goes to the playground and asks Rei 1 what is wrong. She says she's hungry and then they both stare at the puddle. After waking up at the table, Rei 2 goes to the tea shop and buys something, then goes to the playground where Rei 1 and 3 are and asks them if they want takoyaki. The agree and all go home and eat. 
22 "Showdown"
"Taiketsu" (対決) 
Zeruel is attacking and scaring students. The students run into a classroom and tell EVA-01 what happened. EVA-01 then tells Shinji they're going to beat up the Angel. After school, EVA-01 and Shinji part ways; Shinji bumps into Zeruel and then gets chased by it. They both fall into a hole and wind up under ground where EVA-01 is practicing martial arts as in episode 5. EVA-01 runs up to Zeruel and picks their nose, revealing boogers on its fingers. They chase the Angel and flick the boogers at them, only to be caught in flying tissues thrown by Rei 2. She says you're supposed to put boogers in tissues and then in the trash. 
23 "Caught a Cold"
"Kaze Hiita" (風邪引いた) 
24 "Flying"
"Tondeku" (飛んでく) 

In the school, Misato takes attendance and discovers that Eva-01 is missing, with the latter having skipped class to go fishing with Zeruel. As Eva-01 relaxes on the riverbank, Zeruel catches a large, glowing blue ball that promptly absorbs the Angel into itself. Eva-01 pursues the ball as it flies to the school, where it absorbs several students. When Misato tries to punch the ball, she gets stuck to it as the orb flies back into the courtyard. Shinji's attempt to grab his teacher's leg narrowly fails, but Toji manages to free Misato by throwing himself into the ball. Shinji falls out the window while catching Misato, and Eva-01 catches him in turn.

As Asuka, Rei 2, Kensuke, and Hikari rush outside to meet up with Shinji and Misato, Eva-01 attacks the ball, only to be absorbed into it. Misato rallies the remaining students against the strange aggressor, but the ball absorbs them as well. After absorbing Futuyutski and Gendo, the ball swells to a massive size. The MP Eva brings this to the attention of Kaworu, standing on a rooftop in the city below the hill - in response, Kaworu presses a button on a remote control that sends the main tower of the school rocketing into the ball. One massive explosion later, everyone trapped by the ball is freed, and the ball itself is reduced to colorful, confetti-like fragments. Shinji looks around in confusion, only to jump in shock when the school tower lands back in its original spot. 


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