Peter de Rivaux

Peter de Rivaux
8th Lord High Treasurer
In office
14 Jan 1233  1234
Monarch Henry III
Preceded by Walter Mauclerk
Succeeded by Hugh de Pateshull, Bishop of Coventry
Personal details
Died 1262
Nationality Poitevin
Relations Peter des Roches
Religion Christian:Catholic

Peter de Rivaux or Peter de Rivalis (died 1262) was an influential Poitevin courtier at the court of Henry III of England. He was related to Peter des Roches, being a nephew (or possibly a son).

He was in effect Henry's chief minister, from 1232 onwards for a short period, holding positions in the king's household and being installed as sheriff (or granted the power to appoint sheriffs in his stead) for some 21 shires.[1] His administration included Stephen Segrave (high sheriff of several counties), Henry of Bath (high sheriff of Gloucestershire), Robert Papelew and Brian de Lisle, and achieved a centralisation under his hand of much royal revenue.[2] He also held the office of Lord High Treasurer from 14 Jan 1233 to 1234.[3]

He fell dramatically from power in 1234, consequent on the death of Richard Marshal, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, which was attributed to machinations of Peter des Roches. For a time Peter de Rivaux and associates were proclaimed traitors.[4] Some partial rehabilitation followed.

He held the offices of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle from the year 1236, and intermittently up until the outbreak of the Second Barons' War. At this time the two offices were held separately and the title Lord Warden had not become established, so that de Rivaux was referred to as the Kings Keeper of the Coast.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Walter Mauclerk
Lord High Treasurer
Succeeded by
Hugh de Pateshull
Honorary titles
Preceded by
Robert de Ayberville
Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports
Succeeded by
Walerland Teutonicus
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