Peter Voss, Hero of the Day

Peter Voss, Hero of the Day
Directed by Georg Marischka
Produced by Kurt Ulrich
Written by Curt J. Braun
Peter Dronte
Gustav Kampendonk
Starring O.W. Fischer
Linda Christian
Walter Giller
Peter Vogel
Music by Erwin Halletz
Cinematography Klaus von Rautenfeld
Edited by Hermann Haller
Kurt Ulrich Filmproduktion
Release dates
22 December 1959
Running time
105 minutes
Country West Germany
Language German

Peter Voss, Hero of the Day (German: Peter Voss, der Held des Tages) is a 1959 West German comedy crime film directed by Georg Marischka and starring O.W. Fischer, Linda Christian and Walter Giller. It was a sequel to the 1958 film Peter Voss, Thief of Millions which had been based on the novel of the same title by Ewald Gerhard Seeliger.



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