Peter Fuller

Peter Michael Fuller (31 August 1947 28 April 1990) was a British art critic and magazine editor.

Fuller was born in Damascus, Syria, and educated at Epsom College and Peterhouse, Cambridge.[1] In the early 1970s he wrote for the radical Black Dwarf and Seven Days newspapers,[1] and was responsible for establishing the latter,[2] "a short-lived Marxist glossy weekly".[3] Fuller subsequently freelanced elsewhere. Originally a follower of writer John Berger, he moved to the political right in mid-life, coming into conflict with his former allies Art & Language.

Peter Fuller was the founding editor of the art magazine Modern Painters, launched in 1987,[4] reflecting his admiration for the aesthetic principles of John Ruskin. In the spring of 1989 he was appointed art critic of The Daily Telegraph.[1] Along with such prestigious books as Art and Psychoanalysis, Fuller wrote regularly for Art Monthly UK and New Society for nearly two decades. The archive of his letters, journals and writing is held at the Tate Gallery in London. The Peter Fuller Memorial Foundation, a registered English charity (no.1014623), was set up in 1991. The Foundation hosts an annual lecture at the Tate Gallery and runs the online art magazine Art Influence.

He died in a car accident on the M4 motorway in Berkshire on 28 April 1990.[5] Peter Fuller is buried in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk, UK. His son Laurence Fuller is currently in development with a film about his life and the art world between 1970 and 1990.[6]



Peter Fuller made a number of documentaries with film maker Mike Dibb, including;


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