Peter Bratt

Peter Bratt (born 29 April 1944) is a Swedish journalist. For many years he worked for the national Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter until he stopped there in 2003. Through he career he has written many critical texts on the Swedish Social Democratic Party.

The IB-affair

Peter Bratt revealed Informationsbyrån together with Jan Guillou in the magazine Folket i Bild/Kulturfront. This was to be known at the IB affair. He also published his own book on IB from Gidlunds förlag (publisheres) in 1973, IB och hotet mot vår säkerhet (IB and the threat against our security).

The Geijer affair

In November 1977 Peter Bratt published an article in Dagens Nyheter on a memo in which the Police Commissioner had stated that the Minister for Justice Lennart Geijer was a security risk.[1] This led to the Geijer affair.



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