Peruvian women's football championship

Peruvian women's football championship
Country Peru
Confederation CONMEBOL
International cup(s) Copa Libertadores de Fútbol Femenino
Most championships JC Sport Girls (3)

The Peruvian women's football championship is the top level league competition for women's football in Peru that officially started in 2009. The winner qualifies for the Copa Libertadores de Fútbol Femenino, the South American Champions League. The competition is organised by the Peruvian Football Federation.


In the current format, which was adopted in 2008, the champions of the 9 regional leagues meet each other over one week and play out a national champion. The nine teams are put into three groups of three. Each team then has two matches. The group winners and best runners-up meet in the semi-finals. Those as well as the final is contested over one leg only.[1] In 2012 the final tournament consisted of eight regional champions and four teams from the capital.[2] It is played around October of the year.

List of champions

Below is the list of champions:[3][4]

Year Winner Result Runner-up
2009 White Star (Arequipa) 3–2 Estudiantes Universitarios
2010 Universidad Particular de Iquitos 5–0 Universidad San Antonio de Abad del Cusco
2011[5] JC Sport Girls 2–1 River San Borja
2012 JC Sport Girls 2–0 Electro Oriente[6]
2013[7] JC Sport Girls 3–0 Internacional
2014[8] Real Maracaná 4–0 Internacional
2015[9][10] Universitario de Deportes 7–0 Loreto
2016[11] Universitario de Deportes 8–0 Loreto


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