Per Ivar Moe

Per Ivar Moe

Svein-Erik Stiansen and Per Ivar Moe (r.) (1966)
Personal information
Born 11 November 1944
Ålesund, Norway
Sport Speed skating
Club Lillehammer SK, Lillehammer
Oslo Idrettslag, Oslo
Achievements and titles
Personal best(s) 500 m: 41.6 (1963)
1000 m: 1:36.5 (1960)
1500 m: 2:06.9 (1966)
3000 m: 4:31.8 (1965)
5000 m: 7:38.6 (1964)
10 000 m: 15:47.8 (1964)

Per Ivar Moe (born 11 November 1944, in Ålesund) is a former speed skater from Norway.


In 1963, 18-year-old Per Ivar Moe won bronze at the European Allround Championships, an achievement he would repeat the following year (1964). In addition, in 1964, he became the first in 8 years to beat Knut Johannesen at the Norwegian Championships. That year, he also participated in the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and won a silver medal on the 5,000 m in a time of 7:38.6, a mere 0.2 seconds behind Johannesen. At first, it seemed that Moe had won gold when 7:38.7 was displayed as Johannesen's time, but this was quickly corrected to 7:38.4.

In 1965, Moe won silver at the European Championships and two weeks later he became World Allround Champion. For his achievements, he received the 1965 Oscar Mathisen Award and was elected Norwegian Sportsperson of the Year that same year. Moe retired in 1966 to complete his university degree. Per Ivar Moe was in banking business in his professional life. He was Vice President in Nordea, one of the biggest banks i Norway.


An overview of medals won by Moe at important championships he participated in, listing the years in which he won each:

Championships Gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
Winter Olympics 1964 (5,000 m)
World Allround 1965
European Allround 1965 1963
Norwegian Allround 1964 1965 1966

Personal records

To put these personal records in perspective, the WR column lists the official world records on the dates that Moe skated his personal records.

500 m41.623 February 1963Karuizawa39.5
1,000 m1:36.517 February 1960Hamar1:22.8
1,500 m2:06.926 January 1966Davos2:06.3
3,000 m4:31.825 February 1965Oslo4:27.3
5,000 m7:38.65 February 1964Innsbruck7:34.3
10,000 m15:47.819 January 1964Oslo15:33.0
Big combination178.72714 February 1965Oslo178.447

Moe was number one on the Adelskalender, the all-time allround speed skating ranking, from 26 January 1964 to 13 February 1965 and for 4 more days in January 1966 a total of 388 days. He has an Adelskalender score of 177.150 points.




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    Preceded by
    Soviet Union Ants Antson
    Oscar Mathisen Award
    Succeeded by
    Netherlands Kees Verkerk
    Preceded by
    Norway Terje Pedersen
    Norwegian Sportsperson of the Year
    Succeeded by
    Norway Gjermund Eggen

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