Perșani Mountains

Location of the Perșani Mountains in Romania

The Perşani Mountains is a mountain range in central Romania.

Geologically the Perşani Mountains are part of the Căliman-Harghita Mountains of the Inner Eastern Carpathians. Within Romania, however, it is traditional to divide the Eastern Carpathians in Romanian territory into three geographical groups (north, center, south) instead. The Romanian categorization includes the Perşani Mountains within the central Carpathians of Moldavia and Transylvania (Munţii Carpaţi Moldo-Transilvani).

The main ridge runs in a north-south direction and has a length of 60 kilometers. The Persani Mountains consists mainly of basalt, shale and flysch. It is mostly forested, and for the most part the elevations are rounded. The geologic diversity of the rock results in interesting natural phenomena (basalt formations, caves, canyons).

Coordinates: 45°51′35″N 25°26′22″E / 45.85972°N 25.43944°E / 45.85972; 25.43944

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