People for Formentera

People for Formentera
Gent per Formentera
Founded 2007
Ideology Environmentalism
Political position Left-wing
Parliament of the Balearic Islands
1 / 59
Island Council of Formentera
9 / 17

People for Formentera (Spanish: Gent per Formentera, GxF) is a political grouping on the island of Formentera that appeared to contest elections to the local Island Council and the elections to the Parliament of the Balearic Islands (in coalition with PSIB-PSOE).[1] They describe themselves as a left-wing, environmentalist and nationalist party dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of the island.

In the council elections of 2007 the group included the 5 most voted councilors. This result, along with a post election pact with the 2 councilors of the PSOE, resulted in Jaume Ferrer Ribas (GxF) becoming mayor and president of the new Island Council of Formentera.

In the elections of 2011 the GxF won six island councilors, returning the incumbent insular government to power. The group also elected a regional deputy of the island of Formentera to the Parliament of the Balearic Islands.[2]


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