People's Progressive Party (Vanuatu)

People's Progressive Party
Leader Sato Kilman
Founded 2001
Ideology Reformist, Social democratic
Political position Centre-left
1 / 52
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The People's Progressive Party is a reformist political party in Vanuatu.

At the 6 July 2004 legislative elections, the party won 3 out of 52 seats. The following election saw its seat count increased to 4. Its leader, Sato Kilman served as Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister of Vanuatu from December 2004 to July 2007. He had made the party an important member of the National United Party-led coalition of Prime Minister Ham Lini but in July 2007, apparently due to corruption charges put against Kilman's secretary, Lini expelled the People's Progress Party from the cabinet. Kilman formed his first legal cabinet in June 2011 and his government was reflected in 2012, with PPP winning six seats. The party was forced into opposition in 2013 when Kilman resigned and Moana Carcasses became Prime Minister.

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